Isolation Of The Three Worlds (also known as the 'sheriffbullock/rxJs_R7Ssyk creepypasta') is about the 'dark' (corrupted) version of sheriffbullock destroying Piñata Island after clashing in Extus against TheFoxern & KingAcorn85. All of these resulted from the discovery of


sheriffbullock, TheFoxern & KingAcorn85 had been rivals ever since when Cuckoo Clocker hacked into sheriffbullock's YouTube account while Chill Bill was watching before Nodcrash.vir was created.

In YVETAL CORRUPTS NOD, Yveltal's cry can be heard after what appears to be the retry message from Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise flickers. It is always seen as the embodiment of corruption, associating with sheriffbullock's dark side (which was not apparent until Subfocus.mp4).

After Cuckoo Clocker hacked into sheriffbullock's YouTube account while Chill Bill was watching the alleged video, sheriffbullock, TheFoxern & KingAcorn85 became enemies and Extus broke in fissures. Nodcrash.vir was created on 3 December 2013 where the Yveltal myth was also discovered.

sheriffbullockisevil.wmv was created a few months later, with its continuations later on. These shown sheriffbullock crying for help as Yveltal slowly kills off his life, thus it stated that sheriffbullock was becoming corrupted and malicious.


Subfocus.mp4 was created on 4 January 2015.

Parts of the video were from sheriffbullockisevil.wmv and its continuations, but then three pictures can be seen flashing on the screen, one being sheriffbullock's and the other being KingAcorn85's. It flickers to Your minds. ALARM, then How do we know we can trust you? The screen replies with You don't, indicating that sheriffbullock was never to be trusted.

One of the worlds was destroyed by sheriffbullock since ARC 1 after the creation of Subfocus.mp4 the next day, leaving him angered.


Two worlds were destroyed by sheriffbullock since ARC 1. On the destruction of the second world, a meteor crashed into an Extus chunk, and with it broke out The Fallen, a quartet of savage Piñatas that seemed to have black blood dripping from their mouths. The black blood could be seen as the rxJs_R7Ssyk virus, acting as the embodiment of corruption.

The account hated breeding Piñatas, as if it was unsuccessful he would kill them by a knife, leaving a cut in their throats. Others had cuts or limbs ripped out, a few of them would have their organs ripped out. Because of this, one said that some massacre appeared on Piñata Island.


Cavanagh.wmv was created on 24 May 2015 after an abrupt freeze, where a hacked video within the video proceeds with an ad, but then gets cut off to that of a black screen.

sheriffbullock had caused the virus to infect the past with undying hate.


The AR Pasta is currently frozen due to a computer crash. At this moment, no development of the AR Pasta will be added at this point.

YVETAL CORRUPTS NOD contained the sound that Nodcrash.vir infects but not as clear. When heard for the last time, it triggered the midnight beam to cure sheriffbullock, which in turn led to the creation of Revelation.wmv to disinfect the past.

This caused Nintenunity from the Distant Realm of Hell