B0I I was sure an object show fan once this lost and unpleasant episode file...  

I was an Inanimate Insanity fan because the show was so humoric in many ways. One day i was waiting impatiently for the next episode because it taking so long, I asked Adam Katz if he had some episodes to watch while they work on it. But he sent a email saying: "Yeah! I have one (watch at your own risk)". Puzzled I wondered if this was a joke, i downloaded the file (grave mistake) to watch it. The file appeared in my Windows Media Player, the file said: I clicked on it and it contained 2 files. One containing the Kickstarter video and one containing the video.  

I clicked on the video, before the episode started it showed a 15 second static before showing. The intro started out well except it looked almost like a VHS recording, the scene faded to black and faded to the title card. The title said: The Goner. The title screen was nothing but the background is pitch black(DON'T DELETE!).  

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