In 2012, the producers of a popular children’s show called Ninjago were trying to make the episodes less cliched, and a bit more unique.

Before long, an episode entitled “Jay and Nya, Forever.” was sent to the interns so they could check it out, correct any mistakes etc.

It started out like any other Ninjago ep, a recap of the previous adventure, the Ninja introducing themselves to the audience, and Sensei Wu reading out the title of the ep.

But the weird thing about this was that the episode was actually entitled “I’m Sorry, Nya.”

It started out with the Ninjas, standing on the deck of their ship, Destiny’s Bounty. They were just standing, not saying anything, peering over the side, looking at the sky below them.

Jay, the blue Ninja, suddenly picked up his nunchucks and gave them to his girlfriend, Nya. “Use them.” he said, before going below deck. The scene cut to black for three minutes, and a white noise could be heard.

When the picture came back, it was black and white. Jay was standing next to a bed. Nya was in it, apparently asleep. She was actually dead. Jay looked heartbroken. He kissed Nya’s forehead, and whispered: “I’m sorry, Nya.”

He looked at the camera, staring with a hollow expression straight at the audience. Then, he began to cry. Jay fell to his knees, his sobbing becoming more and more realistic. It was horrifying to listen to.

The crying sound continued, but the picture changed. Everyone got flashing views of children being kidnapped, men being tortured, and women being molested.

This went on for the majority of the ep, until the last five minutes, when the camera cut back to Jay. He wasn’t crying.

He was just staring at the screen, his eyes expressionless, but a disturbing smile plastered across his face.

There was a sound like fairground music, and quite suddenly, the screen cut to black for about three seconds. When Jay came back on screen, his eyes were missing, a splatter of blood in each empty socket. The words “They took my eyes” appeared on the screen, followed by black.

Slowly, some white text appeared on the screen. It read: “You are next.” A pair of red eyes appeared on the screen, and then the episode ended.

It’s said that a number of Ninjago staff committed suicide after watching the video, and so did two members of the LEGO team. The video has that effect on anyone who watches it. It has been deemed too dangerous, and all copies of it have been destroyed. I was only able to catch fragments of the original detail, and put them together, posting this online. If that is only part of the story, then who knows what the rest is like...

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