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The bootleg tape. YOU might be the unfortunate owner of it...

You know the 2002 animated hit Ice Age, right? The film is about three main characters, Manny, Sid and Diego, and one of my favorite characters, Scrat. There was a bootleg copy of Ice Age that I going to tell you it all started with me taking a walk through the neighborhood. Like suicidemouse.avi and Red Mist, this was created by a now imprisoned Scottish animator. 

As I was walking back home, I found a VHS tape lying on the road. I looked at the front and it was a bootleg copy of Ice Age, strangely it was labeled: "Ice Age, bootleg". Then, I looked at the note saying:

"DECLINED PLEASE DESTROY -CW/CS" I was looking for a legitimate copy, though this held me over until I could find one.

Boy, I was wrong.

I took the tape home (BIG MISTAKE) and popped it on my old VCR player. The screen went static for good 20 seconds. After that, The screen went black for 5 seconds. It looked perfectly normal; The 20th Century Fox logo was there.

I was like when i had the tape "Cool! I'm gonna watch Ice Age!"

But it wasn't cool. It was the Ice Age tape BEFORE the released Ice Age tape.

It starts with the 20th century fox logo... but what was so disturbing was that it was actually the older logo. (If you saw ALIEN or STAR WARS you know what I am saying. Remember the scene at the beginning where the Squirrel runs off with an acorn? It was normal until he stabs the nut in the ground and looks up. After he does that, the title pops up and it is "ICE AGE BOOTLEGGED EDITION". After that was the migration scene then the scene where Manny fights the rhino, then Manny and Sid become friends...

Then there was the scene where the tigers terrorize the humans, but it goes on longer and it seems kind of intense, and after 10 FREAKING Minutes it cuts to the scene where Manny and Sid are walking around the apple orchards. Everything is normal, but some of the scenes went on longer than I expected. Like the bedtime scene where the tigers talk, but what scared me was their eyes. The eyes were glowing red and were kind of big. That gave me the chills.

And the rest was normal, until the ice cavern scene but there were ugly looking things frozen in the ice walls. One of the creatures looked like the xenomorph from ALIENS, and another looked like a Spinosaurus, like ffrom jurassic park 3 or something. And then there was an ugly looking fish, and ugly creepypasta stuff like that, ya know.

Thank GOD that the rest was normal... Until the Half peak boss fight.

Finally, It cut to the scene where Diego and Soto were fighting. The disturbing thing is, the scene just keeps going for, like, 10 minuites. And Manny jumps in and kills Soto and says "Eh, Laddie, ya shoulda talked to yar granny before tryin to fight Manny.." , and Manny, Sid, and Diego were walking through, without any sound and at the end, shows the scene where Manny and Sid give the humans the baby (With sound). 

I learned something that day. after they return the baby, Manny winked at me! He was giving me his vegetarian love, telling me ICE AGE is love. ICE AGE is Life.

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