If you are a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, then you likely know about the episode "I Was A Teenage Gary". It centers around SpongeBob getting injected by a snail plasma and turns into a snail himself. But, however, there was an early prototype version of the episode that never made it onto TV.

You see, later on in the episode, Squidward gets injected with the snail plasma, and then it transitions to Squidward being a snail. This is where the controversy begins. It is rumored that originally, Squidward's transformation was going to be shown. Many people say that it aired one time in Poland some years ago.

Wrong. It never aired ONCE, though during the test screening, the scene was shown. In fact, the ENTIRE EPISODE was different.

The original version of the episode went normally at first, though SpongeBob says "I hope that my neighbor who's a son of a (Dolphin Censor) (Squidward) doesn't (Dolphin Censor) up Gary" to Patrick while he is leaving his house. This is where the differences come in. First, vulgar language censored by the same censors in "Sailor Mouth" was used during the episode. All examples were cut out. Anyways, back to the episode. When Squidward neglects to feed Gary, the time card is not shown, but rather a timelapse of Gary getting sick. Eventually, we see the final result when Squidward looks at Gary through the window: Gary is pale, drooling, and bruised. He has a large hole in his shell and a scar on his body. Nothing weird happens until the scene where SpongeBob tells Squidward to give Gary the plasma. Squidward refuses multiple times, and both of them get into a fight. Gary later drinks the water, and he is back to normal, which ends the two's fight. However, for revenge, Squidward stabs SpongeBob's nose with the syringe, ripping it off. Blood begins to come out, and by the time all blood is gone, SpongeBob is pale. SpongeBob tries to yell, but instead, he ends up saying "get the (SpongeBob Alarm Clock) out of my houuusseee!", due to his blood loss.