iCarly is a weekly program very popular on the internet. I went to the iCarly webpage to look at some episodes, but I found an episode that seemed strange. The episode was called "lastshow." I pressed play.

This episode starts the same as always.

Then, the scene goes to the iCarly studio. Freddy says the usual "IN 5, 4, 3, 2..." and the scene changes to the ceiling of the studio where I can see a hole that constantly expands...

Carly, Sam, Freddy and Spencer try to close the hole, But something falls at Carly really fast, I couldn't see what it was since there was no pause button and I was at full screen mode. The screen goes black for 1 minute and 14 seconds and the scene goes to Spencer crying on the sofa in the living room, first there's a take of the whole living room (from the left) and Sam comes in through the kitchen door.

Sam comforts Spencer telling him it was an accident and he shouldn't mind it. He keeps crying and Sam, laughing, goes to the studio.

Freddy and her are at the studio, checking the equipment for the next episode. This following episode would be a presented only by Sam. Freddy again said "IN 5, 4, 3..." but before he said "2", the same thing that happened to Carly, happens to Sam and it's once again too fast for me to understand what happened.

The camera goes back to Spencer, now crying even harder.

In a short scene (only 3 seconds) Freddy appears screaming, puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger all very fast. Spencer goes to the kitchen door. The camera keeps pointed to the kitchen door for 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Then, the episode finishes, fade to black.

The next thing I remember seeing really made my heart hurt and tears form in my eyes... The text on my computer screen read after the clip ended:

In Loving Memory...

Fredward "Freddy" Anthony Benson


Later that same evening, I found out that Carly and Sam miraculously survived, which made me cry happy tears... But who is going to replace Freddy?


Proof-read and translated correctly by LittleWhip250.