I nearly watch TV anymore, All of my past TV watching is just chugging Monster drinks and Watching Breadwinners or Spongebob.

I do happen to watch Commercials, Their more bearbly then the Crappy programing. My favorites have been taken off and replaced with crap like the shitty Smoothie Kabobbles... And most like Apple Jacks have been removed to bring in "Bad" Commercials. But There's one thing I love to death and that is "Hotspot". They bearly air them any more... I happen to catch one commercial that scared me for life, I was watching Nickeledeon. It went to a commercial break and shown "Cinnamon Jacks" Commercial. Then It shown an Optimum commercial, It started with Hotspot getting a bottle of "Monster" From a bending Machine, Then Ben comes over and says "What's a Hotspot?" and Hotspot got mad and slapped Ben. "Listen hear you little bitch!" He screams angierly "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS HOTSPOT!!!" Then He takes a gun and blows Ben's brain out, "Fuck yeah!!!" Yells Hotspot. Then He starting fucking Ben's body, I vomited at that! I mean "Who thought that was clever?". The commercial ended with: Optimum is sorry to air that mistake of a commercial, rezoom to channel 12 for more details... I never watched TV again...

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