I am still looking for this cartoon, please message me if you find it.

In 2013, after 10 storybroads for Optimum's Hotspot, a couple ads have been completed or never saw the light of day. One of those ones that didn't get to see the light of day, was: Hotspot's Day. Since I was one of these interns of the animation studios that did Hotspot, I was one of the first to see Hotspot's Day. 

It starts off with Ben (Hotspot's Owner), telling Hotspot that they'll be going on a plane to see Eric. It then transitions to the plane, where Hotspot and Ben are boarding it. When they finally get into it, Hotspot comes over to Ben and whispers "Goodbye" into his ear. It cuts to outside, where Ben is seen falling, but this scene in 2D-style unlike the 3D animation. 

It cuts to Ben's dead body. It looked so realistic, it made me gag. It then cut to Hotspot, laughing, while the plane took off. A badly played piano is heard while he is, it blared in my ear the whole time until it cut to black. It cut back to Hotspot, Lexi, and Eric at Ben's funeral. All that can be heard was crying and Hotspot's laughing. It cut to the Optimum logo, except it was warped. 

Due to the viewing, 3 animators had a heart attack, 1 animator committed suicide, 2 have been killed in their sleep, and the last simply disappeared. If you see this cartoon, let me know Immediately!


I found code found in the cartoon I had watched:

Your stupid enough to watch this, maybe I am not animal

Is this Hotspot's message? Or some sicko's way of a joke?


Hotspot's Day - The Funeral02:18

Hotspot's Day - The Funeral

One of the only fragments of the cartoon I could find on the deep web.

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