Have you heard of the show Horrid Henry? I was a fan of Horrid Henry back then, but it all changed. Yesterday I was at the flea market looking for some copies of Horrid Henry on DVD. Some time later, I found a DVD. It was a copy of Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend. Then I bought the DVD. I went home and got some popcorn and soda and then I played the episode.

Big- No, HUGE Mistake.

The episode started at the title screen. (as always) The whole intro was normal, but there was no music. Well, there was, but it was just the creepy thumping noise from Super Galaxy. Then the episode started.

It started off with Henry playing a game, and that game was Super Mario Galaxy, one of my all time favorite games. Then Henry's parents came home. Dad said: "Henry, Peter, we're home!" Henry paused the game and him and Peter came downstairs. Their parents told them they bought Peter and Henry some gifts. Henry and Peter were excited. Then they got their gifts. Peter got a copy of Pokemon Yellow, and Henry got Superman 64. Henry said: Superman 64 one of the worst games ever?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Then the episodes title came up. It said: Horrid Henry's Suicide. "What the hell?! Why would they put that title into a Horrid Henry episode?!" I said. But a second later, I didn't care and decided to watch it anyway.

Part 2 Coming Soon...

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