You know that movie "Holes" about the camp where the kids where sent. well then... i found a dvd laying on the street say holes:animated (1989) that was weird since the holes movie was made in 2003 or something! i laughed as i saw the dvd laying so i took it. it was a bad idea at the time but i really thought it was an innocent little movie since the cover of the DVD. i put in and i was greeted with the words on the TV screen Would you like to play this movie? y/n i press y on the remote since i have a special one. it started playing anyways the company that made the DVD was a company named wi56 and thats a weird name. it started and something weird was happening. i just saw the animated bus going down the hot looking place... it zoomed out at the ground and a lot of holes where digged spelling HELP US. the kid walked off the bus and someone kicked him. it was some guy that i never seen in the movie before.It was a big shadow with a sword looking thing.after that he was laying on the ground. the shadow guy cut him open into tiny pieces and his intestines all over the place. this all looked like non animated and live. i paused it there and almost threw up... i searched on the forums of reddit to see if anyone else saw this. someone replied and they said it was some animated kids movie but it went wrong when the studios burnt down back in 1989 (the same date as the movie was made i was thinking)

i replied and he said someone did something with the DVD and filmed more with a live action camera in 1990.

anyways i got back to the movie and it was on a weird looking thing that i never paused on. i played it again and well... there was a part where it said test #1 and it was a animated person running. the second part was TEST #2 i was weirded out....... but the part was someone stabbing me.... it looked real. and live action. i saw the room change around me with drawings in it and people looking at me... i randomly was back at home and the DVD was gone..... i may update this soon but really.... it was weird. if the DVD comes back i will update.

Thank you-Robert

UPDATE 1/9/2015

Wi56 has been chasing me. I saw a van that said WI56 and something flashed up on my screen saying "HELP US" If anyone knows about this company i dont know what to do.

update 6/13/15

im sorry...

im so sorry...

i dont wanna do this anymore.....

update 7:17

Someone hacked into this.

i dont know who but wghoever they should be ashamed.

anyways the DVD is back.

i dont know what to do with it..

update 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6

i watched it again

it isnt bad anymore

i care

for the lost souls

U P D A T E _+_+_+

It has been awhile huh?

well, im back and ready to write more about my adventures in life.

this wont be updated anymore since the dvd went away again and never came back.

thanks- rob ert