That lost DVD of ToQger I told you the story of came with another disc. It was called Hikari.exe. Hikari is the green ranger of the ToQgers. I put in this disc and it came up with the exe and a .txt file, titled, README. The file had all these disturbing, eerie, weird satanic subliminal messages in it.




I didn't like them. They were too disturbing. Well, when I clicked the exe, it was black. Then for one frame, a hyper-realistic image of Hikari flashed. His eyes weren't there, just two holes. Like that Spongebob DVD. The Sonic CD American Game Over music in reverse started playing. Then, the words HIKARI...TOQ #4! faded in. When I clicked Start.... that cackle from the Evil Stick started playing. Over and over. It faded out, and stayed like that for a minute or two. Then a computer message faded in saying "COMPUTER IS CORRUPT. THE ERROR CODE IS 666". Then, my new computer I bought to replace the old one...shut down. I tried turning it on, but it wouldn't. I ripped out the drive and snapped the disc in two.

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