Erm....I dont know how to say this.......But Hide and seek....was a lost greeny phatom episode....

I found this video on It was a real site at first then they took it down for some reason after this "incident" I downloaded the video it came up H1D4NS33K.AVI. i ran the file and the episode started with the logos than the intro. after all that for a minute the screen went black...Something came up and said EPISODE #7. What the hell??? EP nubmer seven was already made. and it wasnt titled H1D4NS33K.

Anyways the episode started with greeny phatom Counting down to 1 2 and 3. He was looking for dr.beanson.

He had a knife in his hand. He said with a diffrent voice. "SHHHHH..." He saw beanson and came over and STABBED HIM IN THE GUT 11 TIMES. He spelled out on the walls with blood YOU CAN RUN. BUT YOU CANT HIDE. Greeny started staring at the screen and the video ended. the weirdest thing that happened was that greeny and everything was drawn in crudely drawing style.