One night, I was looking for a server, until a name called herobrine.exe, shown up. Fear gotten me to press it and the screen was twitching so bad, I have to reboot it. When I got it untwitching, there only one file on my computer,herobrine.exe. I clicked on the file and open it. The title screen was demonic because the title is a bloody red with most of the npc's head on there, like enderman,creeper,iron golam, notch,ghast, wither, and the enderdragon. I clicked start and the first level said"Steve death ,level 1". The level started out with Steve on the grass biome. The ground design was mostly blood and mutilated villagers (not a reference to sonic.exe) all through the map. The music was a slower version ben drowned music. Herobrine then pop in front of Steve, which killing him instantly. I was going back to my chair because I fell out of it. Then the screen came back but the logo was torn a little and bleeding fast. I clicked on the start again and this time it said " blaze of death, level 666" . This time the blase is place in the neither but the fire and lava was put out. The expression on blase's face is very depressing way. It was almost to real to tell because it really made you want to cry. I didn't want to move him, but the fear of me got him moving. Shortly after that the screen twitching and show a picture of herobrine with pinkish eyes with blood running down his mouth. Then herobrine pop in front of blase, which drowned him in water that herobrine use to put out the fire. The screen shown the last time and the the menu was in minecraft bone and blood. The final level said " zombie pigman in hell, level 13". The level was in a very realistic version of hell with a 1000 time slower gangster style music. The zombie pigman was even more depress than blase was in the last level. After a few minutes herobrine pop up which the npc is soon dead by herobrine letting the zombie pigman dropping 100000 block high and realistic blood came out of the zombie pigman. The game over screen shown all the npc in their brutality murder corpse self and herobrine in the middle, smiling and laughing very demonic (not sonic.exe way). The computer shut itself off and I heard "never look back" and a wooden herobrine with pinkish eyes was laying on the table behind me.

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