"This story has similarities with "Toy Story: Deleted Scene" creepypasta. I just wanted to point that out before people go "HURRR DURRR YOU JUST COPIED TOY STORY: DELETED SCENE CREEPYPASTA". And also, this only made up. This really isn't supposed to scare you anyway. This was made just for fun. ^-^" Sure, pal. Whatever helps you sleep at night. -VanaV

The Pasta Edit

A while back, I was on holiday in Chicago. I was at CO-OP gas station store just getting some more food, drinks and supplies for the drive to the hotel. I noticed there was a box with videos in it. The guy at the cashier explained to me that those videos were found outside the store and that I could take the entire box for free. Seeing as they were all labeled, and that the man was being friendly,I picked up the cardboard box and paid for my snacks.

When I arrived at the hotel, I noticed they had a VHS player. I looked through the videos, and I was astonished what I found. They were tapes of various computer-animated films.

The eerie fact is that about five of the tapes had a stamp that said "DECLINED DO NOT WATCH PLEASE DESTROY".

I put on the first tape, which was a collection of Lalaloopsy webisodes and it's not computer-animated. I haven't seen all of them, so it's hard to tell if they were legit.

After about five shorts, I could start to see something in the static. Before I could clearly see what was in the static, the tape ended. Shit. Go figure. The world may never know.

I put on the second tape, which had a more familiar name. It was labeled "Hero of Color City 2 - Lunar Lenny Strikes Back". I went like "Cool! I'm gonna watch the full sequel of Hero of Color City!" I was very excited at watching the sequel. All was about to change with one button on the remote called PLAY. It appeared that it was actually a full movie.

The movie began with a logo that read


"Oh boy! Yes!"

It then cut to what looked like a commercial advertising crayons, which is kinda stupid. It zoomed out to reveal a boy (I know that was Ben) watching TV in the living room.

"Come on, crayons! Let's go to school!" said Ben as he belted out the door. Ben kept talking to the crayons about how he was going to make some lovely drawings. Suddenly, a shadow fell upon him. It was at this point, when I discovered about ten sheets of paper in the box.

I was shocked to realize that this was the script of when the series takes a drastically dark turn. The script read that in this scene, Ben is tormented and attacked by Horatio.

Much to my surprise, Horatio was gigantic. He looked different, and he was Hulk size. I think after the first film, a disturbing size is what he has in revenge, and he means business. He began to punch Ben in the face and he put his hands around Ben's neck. The sky turned darker, and there were sounds of people screaming and saying "NO!". It was like a nightmare, it just kept going on. You could also hear Ben crying for his mom. Eventually, you could hear an ambulance arrive. But in the background you could see fire, and you could see gigantic horses chasing people.

The doctors were carrying Ben's small body onto a stretcher. The nightmare moved onto a gravesite where it was a cloudy day and there was a church bell ringing and there were gravestones. Remember that this was all computer animated. A faint organ could be heard.

The scary part is that there were pages missing from the script that were lying on my bed seconds ago. It cut to static and then it resumed to an early version of the random scene from Hero of Color City 1 for whatever fucking reason. It was all in German and the sky was dark outside.

None of this movie made any sense, and nothing fit together. It cut back to static where it showed Ben getting abused by two very big men in a toolshed. I vomited when I saw this and I kept seeing Horatio's creepy face fade in and out.

Finally, one of the men stopped and bellowed "You're too old for crayons! Use colored pencils, or permenant markers, you fucking shit!" This guy sounded like Tourettes Guy. I looked back at the script to find some information on this sequel.

The cast sheet was missing most of the characters, and had characters that either were deleted from the film or appeared in future sequels.

For example, the Yellow Crayon and Purple Crayon were in the castlist, and there was also Blue. It mentioned the other characters like Red, Green, Brown, and a new crayon character called Light Blue.

Near the top of the list was the scariest name of all, it read "Death". And near the bottom of it were two, very weird ones. They read "TeaPotSenMan" and "PotSenPots". I looked back at the TV, and I recorded what I saw!

TeaPotSenMan- 01- Retro Video Games Club

TeaPotSenMan- 01- Retro Video Games Club

A light blue teapot, with a PENIS as a spout, and some sort of "double teapot" and he is a greyish green. The two of them were in a fully light green room and were talking about video games. You could see a sign that says "RETRO VIDYA CLUB MMLXXXVII". I kind of liked this part, because I can see that it is somewhat cute.

The screen turned to static, and then was now browsing through a dark Toy Store. The store was closed and the camera was moving back and forth at all the aisles. Some of the toys didn't even exist yet, such as Tickle Me Elmo. There was a line of toys called "Crayons in Black and White", and a sale for Hero of Color City 3 on Blu-Ray.


I froze in shock at the latter, Hero of Color City 3 in development was not invented yet (or so I thought). I guess it is coming soon, though the Blu-Ray still exists in 2014, the year that the first film was made.

It then cut to a commercial, it was a Space Captain toy by the name of Lunar Lenny, and he was a green alien astronaut. It zoomed to Yellow Crayon who was complaining about Lunar Lenny. It then for some reason cut back to the scary scene where Horatio is breaking all the living crayon characters in half.

Horatio then stops, and looks towards the camera. He began to walk over until his face is covering the entire screen. He gives this creepy smile. It was so joker-like. He then said this one word through his teeth. "Run."

Suddenly, the TV caught fire. The entire hotel was on fire, and everyone had to evacuate. I forgot the tapes, so they were burnt. By the time we ran far away from the hotel, we looked back and saw it explode!

I tried to reach Magnolia Pictures, but all the calls are computer automated and they ask you oh-so-crappy questions.

Even though I still have nightmares about Hero of Color City 2, I only wish I could of watched the rest of the tapes. Any animated film was never the same for me again.

I haven't watched Hero of Color City 2 since. Screw nostalgic.