"Don't worry, You'll be my next midnight snack. Just wait... - Oscar"



Hello. My name is Nathan, and If you know this show Henry Hugglemonster, you might want to see this traumatic moment I had with me and my friends

It all started as a typical Saturday afternoon, me and my friends were looking up the show in my computer. Then, on the back of all the searches in Google, we saw a secret, and unidentified torrent link from the show. We were taken to this hyper realistic site. Wclicked on the link and when finished downloading, we decided to watch the whole episode. It first started with a message, saying, "THIS EPISODE OF HENRY HUGGLEMONSTER IS A LOST TAPE. THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO SEE IT. IF YOU DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE, PLEASE EXIT THE PLAYER; YOU WILL NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO SEE IT EVER AGAIN" a couple of times. I was a little surprised at this point by the message due to the weird sound effect, the bloody background, and that it only lasted for a few seconds (if you ever went to Real, it sounds exactly like that. Only it was extremely louder that you would expected to be).

So this is how it started out.

The theme was completely normal with the fun loving monster family and friends, but the rest was completely fucked up. The episode was called "The Psychotic Munderclaw", and it was again blood covered, and a scary voice saying the title of the episode. The episode started with Henry with a weird voice as nobody expected it was going to be, with a huge smile. "Hi! I'M HeNrY HuGgLemoNSteR, aNd My fRiENds aNd I aRe pLAyiNg with NeW thINgS by ThESe creAtuREs wE foUnD AnD RipPed OuT WiTh OuR BarE hAnDs..." He says.

The creatures he said were actually humans, and the new things he said were actually blood covered human corpses. "ThIs lOokS sO deLiciOus tHat I WaNt To eAt iT...", Denzel Dugglemonster says in the same weird voice and smile like Henry. The corpses looked hyper realistic to me. I nearly barfed at that point, along with my friends. Then it cut off to a seen with a green monster named Oscar Munderclaw. He felt downed and depressed when finding out his mother died of a homicide. His sister Meg went up to him, and punched her in face very hard. Blood starts dripping on her nose.

"What's wrong with you Oscar" she says.

"Get away from me...," Oscar says.

"Why Oscar? Can't you get over the situation? It's not like your going to-?" Meg paused as Oscar yells at her, looking terrified.


"Okay, okay Oscar, I'm sorry," Meg sadly says.

"Fuck your apology, now stay at the fucking couch and close your eyes you whore!", Oscar angrily says. He was so angry that he nearly started to have veins.

Roberto heard the whole thing and roared at Oscar. He just looks at him angrily.

We were so shocked we fell out of their seat. Oscar was so stressed over his mother's murder he couldn't handle it anymore. He was too traumatized to think, eat, or even do anything. He puts his head down in the kitchen counter. "If you're messing with anyone of mine," He says in a calm voice.

"YoU'rE mesSiNg wItH Me......"He says in a scary voice.

His eyes turned black and red, and it started to bleed. He also starts to vibrate. At this point, My friends nearly fainted and one of them had a heart attack. I was starting to get a little frightened, and my friend Jacob started to help my friend who had a heart attack. Oscar rushes to Meg fast. Meg was shocked when she sees Oscar with his bleeding eyes. He starts to roar very loud, and it sounded hyper realistic. He rips Meg's guts out using his bare hands and starts to eat them. That's the part when I actually fainted for real. One of my friends left and took a break of what the hell they just saw. He starts to roar and go psychotic. He went off to Roarsville and sees Cobby with a chainsaw chopping human's brains off (ALIVE), squirting the blood off and drinking it, which is extremely nasty and disturbing. "PeEk A bOo...", the psychotic Oscar says. He snatched the chainsaw a ripped Cobby's neck apart literally. He then kills Denzel with a pizza cutter while eating human corpses with Fergus. He throws the Chainsaw at Denzel's dad while going to the bakery (where he works) and also got chopped off. Henry growls at him and said, "WHAT THE FUCK OSCAR?". He starts to follow to where he was going.

Oscar then sees Roberto cleaning his racecar helmet with a human heart (he washed the blood of the heart and used water instead, like a dish cleaner). Oscar approaches to him and uses a sledgehammer and mashed his head off. Blood was literally everywhere. Oscar then busts Henry's house and sees his parents, Summer, and Ivor sleeping on the carpet in the living room. Oscar grabs Summer's hand, biting and chewing it, with Summer screaming in pain. Ivor starts to cry. "Shhhhh... go back to sleep", Oscar says. Ivor falls fast asleep, closing his eyes. Oscar roars loud and throws Ivor out the window. He then also stabs Momma and Daddo in the chests, and ripping their bodies out. One of my friends had enough and went home. Back in the scene, Oscar has blood everywhere on his body and started growling. Henry rushes to his house and starts to cry when his whole family gets eaten/killed. He starts to get angrier and angrier and starts to roar. Oscar then sees Roddy walking on the street with a wagon of the victim Oscar kills or eats, and starts to bite his arms off, Roddy starts to scream in pain as well. After that, he busts the door to Gertie's house and she said in an angry look, "What the fuck Oscar, the fuck is wro-". Then she gets terrified like Meg (it was due to Oscar all blood covered and his bleeding eyes). "HOLY SHIT, GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU BEAST" She yells. He roars again and ripped her whole body off using his bare hands and begins to eat her body. She was the second victim to get ripped apart with Oscar's bare hands. Her little brother approaches and started crying. He was then eaten as well. Henry tries to find Oscar, and sees him eating Gertie's little brother.

"There you are motherfucker." He whispers. He runs up to him and bits his shoulder off. Oscar rips Henry's horns off, and rips his heart out. Then the screen goes black, and a message appeared (for a fraction of a second), saying "YoU'lL NeVeR gEt AwAy fRom Me, inCLuDinG YOu AnD YOu'Re FrIeNds..." . The episode ended with no sister episode. For some reason, the computer turned off by itself, and the whole house had a power outage right after that. I think it was supposed to be a sign that something bad is going to happen. I saw a bloody text on my window with handprints, saying "RUN NOW". I closed my laptop and picked up a pistol from the counter. As my friend went downstairs to calm down, he hears a soft roar right behind him. He turned and saw a blood covered Oscar (with his bleeding eyes) on his shoulder, again roaring softly. Then, I heard a scream. I saw my friend's corpses on the ground, and trauma keeps rising and rising. I called 911 about the situation, but Oscar eventually snatched and threw the phone at a window while I was using it. I thought these kinds of monsters were supposed to be all lovable and caring on the show. But in reality, THIS IS NOT HOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. I'll never ever watch Henry Hugglemonster again in a million years...