Getting a new computer means getting rid of your old one. Until I got a new laptop, I had to go without one. Luckily I had a computer in my attic that got a virus, so I had to just, leave it. I booted it up again and quickly removed the virus. But it hadn't gotten rid of all my stuff, so I still had my past on this computer. I was searching around on the computer and found a program called "HOVER (ORIGINAL)". I remember playing the old game "Hover!" but this one seemed different. The icon for it was just an empty black box. But, nostalgia drove me to open it. Immediately I noticed there was no intro or anything, it just instantly opened. But, onto the game.

I played around for a while, collecting orbs and going on those speed ground things, hitting other cars. I was going around and finding flags, but everytime I found a flag, everything got darker. I found about 2 flags and was trying to find the last, but by then, it was almost pitch black. I saw a blue car coming toward me, but it was going incredibly fast, like impossibly fast. It bumped into me and I heard and explosion sound, and then I respawned and the brightness was back to normal. Finding flags wouldn't change anything now. I went to find the last flag when I came to an area on the first level that I had never seen. It was the same tile and castle wall textures, except there was an odd green orb.

Normally these orbs have a spring or wall powerup in it, but this was a skull. This didn't even exist in the original game, but I went over to pick it up. Suddenly, it filled up my A button slot, instead of a spring, the picture was replaced with a skull. The powerup was just waiting to be used, and nothing had changed after picking it up. I built up the courage to press A and use it, but when I did, the screen went black. After a few seconds, it said in white text "Your dead". I quickly ignored this, as scared as I was, and continued. I was on the next level and started playing as normal. Now, there were no powerups and there were broken textures everywhere. Instead of the checkered white and pink of the second level, it was just block white. There were also no flags. There was only one enemy in sight, and when I bumped into it, it exploded, leaving behind and deafening screeching sound.

I collected all the flags and continue to the third level, but this was confusing. I went on and went over to a wall, and on there was a picture of a grown man, dead and decomposing. This wall was filled with these pictures, almost in a gallery form, and when I went over to the last picture, written with red text it read "You're next". I ignored this and thought nothing of it but I couldn't get away from the truth. I went to find a powerup, but the only ones were skull powerups, like from earlier. I used another one and I simply exploded and returned to a spawn, and continued on. I tried again, but the sound changed. And after that, whenever I used it, the sound changed.

The sound for exploding slowly turned into a white noise screech that lasted for 4 seconds straight, so I stopped using the skull powerup. There was another powerup, it seemed to be the same powerup, except the orb wasn't green, it was black, and instead of having textures, it seemed to face me no matter what. I picked it up, and this time it filled in the slot for the S powerup. I used that and the screen seemed to turn red. Once again, reading "You dead". This time there was a white noise in the background, getting louder and louder, I promptly pressed enter to escape the sound and continued with the game.

The 4th level, instead of being a repeat of the first with more flags, this time it seemed to have no flags on the map. No Blue nor Red. The map was completely black, yet I could move around like the walls were painted black. I drove around and found a tunnel. There was a light and it seemed to go on for a while. I drove down to the end of it, which seemed to have a bright light, maybe simulating the "light at the end of the tunnel". I thought this meant good things. I was wrong.

When I went into the light, written in blood, or just red text, on the wall in front of me said "YOU'RE NEXT". There was an enemy at the end, watching me from every angle. It was Red, as if it were on my team, except when I came close, it changed to black. White lights appeared behind the black screen on it, as if there was someone in it. A grey block poked out of the window, I tried to turn back but it was just another white wall behind me. The grey block appeared to be a gun. Just then, loud screeches, like bursts of white noise started playing. I drove and started evading the "bullets" as they exploded against the white walls. Then, my screen went black. Blood seemed to drip down it, apparently I was shot. It said "You next to dead." The english was clearly not great, but it still creeped me out.

Then, quickly, without fade, a picture of a dead body appeared on the screen, with an arrow pointed to it. Next to it said "This can be you". At this point I knew something wasn't right. More pictures of dead bodies started flashing up on the screen, however they were bad quality, they still looked real. Text flashed up, first the word "YOU'RE" and then "NEXT", the same old story. I pressed enter and tried to skip this, and luckily it worked. My HUD was still there, with all the perks. The powerup slots were filled, displaying as if I had like, 500 springs, 200 walls, etc. The screen was black, but I couldn't drive around. Right now, a weeping sound started playing. It was getting louder. I tried exiting but it didn't work. The sound got louder and louder. I was using my springs, the sound it played was the usual but it was extremely loud. But at least it covered up the weeping. The weeping got more real and louder, the springs suddenly didn't make any sound, and the numbers weren't going down. I just had to sit there, listening to the sound of someone dying, or so it seemed. The words appeared again "You're next", stacked along with the other lines it had said, such as "You dead" and "This can be you". They were all red, so some blended in with others.

Like always, at the end of a level, it tells you what happened to end it. This one came up with a box that simply read "You lose! The droids captured your soul". I pressed continue and it went to high scores. I typed in my name as just a blank space, but there were existing names. Several at the bottom to the top were the norm, such as "John" and "Sam", but when it got to the middle, the names were "Hell", "Death", and there was one with the highest score of 1,000,000 called "You're next". My high score didn't show up, considering it was 000000, I am not surprised. When I closed this, the red words started showing up again, this time, flashing and saying "YOU'RE NEXT", with once again a loud weeping. However this time, it didn't get louder, it was just instantly loud. This scared me more than any of the pictures I had seen.

I managed to close it, to which I tried to uninstall it but it didn't work. So I just left it. However, there were some folders on my computer that were left, things named "TEXTURES" and ""SCRIPTS, there was one named "DEATH". I opened it and well, it was filled with the textures of dead bodies and such. I cannot tell you how haunting those pictures were, but the only other thing that was in there was a sub-folder named "TEXT", and in there were the text textures, such as "You're dead.", "You're next", and one I never saw saying "Thanks for playing". I also found another folder in "DEATH" called "SOUNDS". The sounds were named "dinosaur.mp3" and "blood.mp3", but there was one named "willow.wav". Listening to it I heard the weeping again, this time it was backed up with more weeping, as if there were more people. Then it turned into just sounded like torture, I had to turn it off. This creeped me out too much, and after wiping my computer, I got my new laptop and now I just need to forget this ever happened.