Remember the HTF TV Series? Season 1 that was made by FatKat Animation Studios and Mondo Media? There was one time MONDO AND FATKAT GOT THE EPISODE ON TAPE THAT WAS NEVER TO BE FOUND DUE TO ITS HORRIFIC CONTENT. I was a intern at Mondo Media in 2012, until I got fired for no reason two years later. As I adjourned, I found a tape: "HTF TV Series: Season 1 Episode 0 - Lumpy's Truth". I went home, put the tape in and the intro started normally. After that, the title was shown like said before: Lumpy's Truth. There were no starring or featuring pop-ups. After the music, it went slience for while until somebody yelled illegible words and IAMGOD popped about, before this all was fading to black.

The episode started: Mime, Toothy, Nutty, and The Mole had black eyes, but the happy music played. This stayed on for seven seconds. It cut to Lumpy and Flaky getting out of hospital, when Mime comes in with Fat-Lipped Peanuts. That is until a tiny while something different happened. Mime's black eyes returned, Flaky appeared to be dead from her eyes, and Lumpy had a blend of black and red eyes with blood all over them. Has it popped up, you could hear Pop and Cub screaming. After a while, it cut to Lumpy (being in the same scenario from before) noticing that peanuts and takes them away from Mime to avoid any other issues. After that, it cut to a picture of Sniffles pouring water in bowl. But it was colored red, like he was pouring blood in instead. Sniffles looks worried with his broken glasses and the happy face on a photo. The music playing was Kevin MacLeod which fades out slowly. It cut to Cuddles pulling the bucket up from the well. To his surprise, Handy and the Mole run off; they were running away from Lumpy, as a police officer, and his patrol dog. They go into the boat and then we see them heading toward the logcutter. Handy and the Mole are surprised. It cut for a while, until I heard someone screaming, it could've been the Mole - as I saw him dead. Handy rams into the emergency stop button.

We then are shown a slow-moving video clip of Handy screaming about getting killed via a cave. We then cut away to where the Wrecking Ball kills Lumpy. Before the impact happens, the video slows down and after Lumpy gets killed, one final picture of the same Lumpy appeared but seemed more different, his nose was bloodied and was holding a knife. An X was on the top of his hospital headband, on top of all this was red text: I AM GOD. The picture stayed on for thirty more seconds, until screaming made me cover my ears. After that, it didn't cut to the moral but to the credits: Staying' Alive was playing over them. After the credits. It cut to the clip of the gameplay of HTF: False Alarm on PC but with 5% more speed. It went on for a while longer until text appeared: LUMPY WILL GET YOU IN TWO YEARS.

This must have been the moral I supposed. After Nutty was beginning to get killed by the chainsaw, it cut to black for seven seconds - the video finally ended. I decided to wreck it with my hammer and threw the rest in the garbage. The next day, I appeared to have minimal cuts on my right arm; the blood writing from out of the rest said: LUMPY IS GONNA GET YOU NOW. I knew I wasn't ready for this, until I saw something out of my window. Two antlers and blue moose skin...

Now that if you see it, don't watch it! Take responsibly for yourself.


The Lost Episode

Happy Tree Friends Lost CREEPYPASTA TV Series Episode - Lumpy's Truth04:39

Happy Tree Friends Lost CREEPYPASTA TV Series Episode - Lumpy's Truth

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