NOTICE: Growtopia is A Sandbox-Multiplayer Game. This game is 12+ Due to Chatting and Online-Bullying so plz Take Note.

Oh, I Always Love playin' Growtopia, Making Friends, Trading with People And MOSTLY Being A PRO.

This Game Is Free, BUT, Anyways It All Started At November 16,2013 When I Was Playing in A World in Growtopia with A Bunch of Dudes and Babes, When My Screen Crashed For 5 Seconds And I Saw No one in the World.

So I Left The World and joined Back in, And Everyone was Back But All in A Sudden I Saw A Broadcast from A Growtopian Named "Renny899" Who Was A PRO's Friend. He Said "Come Join This World!!!! Let's Party Cuz' @Seth is Gonna Add A Update!!!!" but I Came to Party with Them Then It Got Laggy Cuz' 100 People Were in It.

But When He Said "LETS PARTY OUT LOUD" I Could Hear Gun Shooting That Was Interrupting. My Mom Got Mad At Me, Then The Gun Shooting Stopped then This Part Came, Renny Falled to the Ground Then All of the Players of The World Were Banned Including me Randomly. I Was so Surprised liked I Was Scammed by A Guy.

Then The Next Day, I Was Back when I Saw Lots of Broadcasting Saying Like "RENNY899 WAS KILLED!!!!", "A OWNER WAS KILLED IN GUNSHOOTING!!!" And lots more. I was so Amazed So many Broadcast of that. So I Joined A World When Everyone Was "KYOS" (Sorry Don't Know The Spelling) Then The Owner Acciddently Banned me for no Reason.

So I Got into my world and Saw Renny899 Standing in a Corner, I Got Scared I Almost Woked my Brothers And I Disconnected and came back now he was Gone. Renny899 Was Killed At New York in A Internet-Free Subway at 9:34 In the night were no one had seen him And his body Dissapeared. So A Message For Me Randomly By My Friend, He Said "Im Full in Blood help me and DIE!!!" I Think he was Just Joking me.

When I Warped to Him And Saw him Bloody And I Left the World And I Had Quit Growtopia for a Year And Now Playing Minecraft, Oh my Username in Growtopia is : MrBannan3666 (New name is: 00Anton00)

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