The following is a transcript for Goodbye Little Guy.

Part 1: Goodbye Little Guy

(Shows red tinted intro with lower pitched theme song playing in the background, with very poor quality animation, TV-MA rating pops up instead of the TV-G/TV-Y7(-FV)/TV-PG ratings.)

(Shows title card)

(Little Guy watches TV with his Little Guy Clones, Doctor Beanson and Geo Guy.)

(Doctor barges through the door, with black eyes, huge bloodshot pupils, and blood coming down from his eyes.)

Doctor (in a extremely loud demonic voice): LITTLE GUY!!!!! YOU JUST ATE MY GOLDEN APPLE!!!!

(It cuts to Little Guy eating a apple.)

(Doctor stomps out of the room, with static sounds heard instead of stomping sounds, then cuts to static whilst the sound of Dave saying "boka?" plays.)

(The screen shows Little Guy walking to Geo Guy’s house. The camera cuts to Little Guy saying something, before there is static.)

(The sound of knocking on Little Guy's door is heard then Little Girl opens it.)

Little Girl: My funding has run out. I could get my funding back if I ask an Certified Public Accountant.

(It cuts to an airport. Little Girl, Little Guy, his Little Guy Clones and Geo Guy are there.)

Little Girl: I'll be going on a 1 month vacation in Japan.

Little Guy: Goodbye, Little Girl.

(Little Girl kisses Little Guy on the cheek, then the airplane leaves to Japan.)

(The screen cuts to Little Guy slouching on a chair, playing a video game. Doctor urgently comes in the door. Little Guy pauses the game.)

Doctor: Little Guy, I have sad news. The plane Little Girl was on crashed with all passengers on the plane dead and with no survivors, including Little Girl, and this was the last known photo of her.

(Doctor shows a photo of Little Girl's corpse, drawn in the same hyper-realistic style as Bart's corpse (from the Simpsons episode, "Dead Bart"). Little Guy laughs)

Little Guy: Little Girl died? This is a good joke! HAHAHA!

(Doctor gets a serious look on his face.)

Doctor (In a stern voice): IT'S NOT A JOKE.

(Doctor switches the video game to the news.)

Greeny Phatom News Newsperson: A plane crashed in Donetsk, Ukraine. The cause of the crash maybe either stormy weather or a terrorist group shot down the plane.

(The screen cuts to a airplane crashed in Donetsk, Ukraine.)

(Little Guy bursts into tears, and cuts to black.)

Part 2: Despair

(The screen shows a ten second image of Tails holding a purple Chaos Emerald from Sonic Adventure DX with red eyes whilst the really creepy music from Hotel Mario: The 13th Hotel plays, then cuts to a shot of a church, with the United States flag flying half-mast. The screen then cuts to the inside of the church, Little Girl's funeral, B&W. Everyone is crying. The camera zooms in on the same shot of Little Girl, then cuts to Little Girl's tomb being carried by some black things, and then to Little Guy crying at his table, which gets distorted over time, for all of act 2, and then cuts to black.)

Part 3: Suicide

(The screen shows Little Guy at a desk, with a pencil, a paper and some smudged thing on the desk. Little Guy begins writing.)

Little Guy: I can’t take it. Without Little Girl in my life, I am nothing. She made me what I am today. I am thankful for her. But now, with her dead, I just have no purpose in life. I cannot live with myself without Little Girl. If she is dead…. then I want to be dead. Goodbye Little Guy Clones, Doctor Beanson, Geo Guy, Doctor and company. I’m sorry for hurting anyone for doing this, but… I just can’t live like this, without Little Girl. If anyone finds this note, then I am probably dead… Goodbye…

(There is no noise except for Little Guy picking the blurry thing up, reavealed to be a realistic Desert Eagle, looking as though it were Photoshopped into the scene. Little Guy lifts the barrel into his mouth, pulls the trigger and then cuts to black whilst the sounds of the gun firing, and then splattering. It cuts to Little Guy dead. The note he made is pinned on him, realistic blood and brain matter is splattered on the wall, Little Guy's eyes are whited out and bleeding. Little Guy's left eye hangs out of the socket. It then cuts to a grassy field with two gravestones. One is labeled "R.I.P. LITTLE GUY 1995-2004" and the other "R.I.P. LITTLE GIRL 1995-2004". The camera zooms out reveal more tombstones. The tombstones in the background had the names of every Greeny Phatom character on them. Some that no one had heard of in 2004, some that haven't been on the show yet. All of them had death years on them. All the deaths are listed as the same year. It then cuts to Little Guy watching TV with his Little Guy Clones, Doctor Beanson and Geo Guy, like in the beginning.)

(The camera cuts to static and then back to the Tails picture, except it's for the remainder of the episode.)

(Credits roll, with the Sonic CD US Game Over music being played in reverse. The background is all red, and The credits are all in Russian. The names of Robert Stainton and people he never heard of are listed. The copyright date is different, reading "(c) 1994 Sony Wonder, Sesame Workshop, Cookie Jar". It cuts to pitch black.)

Satanic voice: Тише малышок, лучше молчи, Мелкий вас поймает через 10 лет (Translate: Hush little baby, don't say a word, Little Guy's gonna get you in 10 years.)

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