On the night of October 27, 2004, I saw an extremely disturbing Greeny Phatom episode. I'll tell you the whole story. I just cannot believe FOX aired this episode.

I was in my bed watching TV watching some other cartoons.

When I switched from channel and channel, I saw that Greeny Phatom was going to be on TV. That was really weird because it was 9 PM, and Greeny Phatom was not on late at night. I was happy that I could watch Greeny Phatom on this time of the night. My smiley grin face turned into a surprised, horrified face when I watched this episode.

The episode started off like any other episode, but had very poor quality animation. If you've seen the original animation for Wanted: The Great Drink Thief, it was similar, but less stable. the rating was TV-MA instead of TV-G/TV-Y7(-FV)/TV-PG, The theme song was played in a lower pitch than usual, and everything was in a red tint.  I felt disturbed when I saw this, but I ignored it, thinking it was just numerous errors that the writers and animators forgot to fix. The episode was called “Goodbye Little Guy”. Goodbye? Odd title... I hoped that this was where Little Guy was leaving his own town and going back home to Norway? I was so wrong. It was actually about his death! 

It started with Little Guy watching TV with his Little Guy Clones, Doctor Beanson and Geo Guy. I can’t believe I remembered all of the characters. Suddenly, Doctor barged through the door. He had black eyes with HUGE bloodshot pupils with blood coming down from them, like Little Guy in Little Guy's Wicked Revenge. He yelled in a extremely loud demonic voice "LITTLE GUY!!!!! YOU JUST ATE MY GOLDEN APPLE!!!!". I was confused cause I did not see Little Guy eat a golden apple at the beginning of the episode, he only ate a regular apple. I guess he ate the golden apple before the beginning of the episode, which wasn't shown, you know, behind the scenes.

Doctor stomped out of the room and static sounds were heard instead of stomping sounds, then the screen went static and I could hear Dave saying "boka?". It then showed Little Guy walking to Geo Guy’s house. The camera cuts to Little Guy saying something, before there is static, but it isn't audible in the version I saw, you can't tell what Little Guy is saying. There is a knock on the door and Little Girl comes in. She tells Little Guy that her funding has run out. Little Girl says she could get her funding back if she asks an Certified Public Accountant.

I then got confused, why would a kid’s show have funding and Accountants in it? I still continued to watch. The camera cut to Little Girl telling Little Guy, his Little Guy Clones and Geo Guy that

The screencap from the episode

she’ll be going on a 1 month vacation in Japan.

Little Girl says goodbye to Little Guy, and kisses him on the cheek. She gets on the plane and it leaves to Japan, and the screen cuts to black. It then cuts to Little Guy slouching on a chair, playing a video game. Doctor comes through the door urgently and Little Guy pauses it and says: "Little Guy, I have sad news. The plane Little Girl was on crashed with all passengers on the plane dead and with no survivors, including Little Girl, and this was the last known photo of her." Doctor then showed a photo of Little Girl, dead.  She was drawn in the same hyper-realistic style as Bart's corpse (from the Simpsons episode, "Dead Bart"). Little Guy laughs, saying: "Little Girl died? This is a good joke! HAHAHA!" Doctor gets a serious look on his face and tells him in a stern voice: "IT'S NOT A JOKE."

Doctor switched the video game to the news. The newsman says that a plane crashed in Donetsk, Ukraine. He said that the cause of the crash maybe either stormy weather or a terrorist group shot down the plane, just like how Air Algérie Flight 5017 crashed. It then cut to a airplace crashed in Donetsk. WTF? How would airplane crashes be in a children's show?

Little Guy then bursts into tears. Then it cuts to black.

Act 1 ended with black. When Act 2 started, There was a still image that still haunts me forever, it was a still image of Tails holding a purple Chaos Emerald from Sonic Adventure DX, but what made it so freaky was that Tails had blood red eyes and blood running from Tails' eyes with the really creepy music from Hotel Mario: The 13th Hotel playing in the background. It seemed to stay there for 10 seconds before cutting back to the episode.

There was a shot of a church with the US flag flying half-mast. Then it cut to the inside of the church, which is the funeral for Little Girl. Everything is black and white instead of colorful. Everyone was all inside, sobbing, the sounds of them all filling the screening room. It zoomed in on the same shot of Little Girl. it shows Little Girl's tomb being carried by some black things in the background, on hills, with a tombstone in the foreground. Then it cut to Little Guy sitting at his table, crying.

The crying went on and on, it got more pained, and sounded more realistic, better acting than you would think possible. The animation started to decay even more as he cried, and you could hear murmuring in the background. The character could barely be made out, he was stretching and blurring, he looked like deformed shadows with random bright colors thrown on him. There were faces looking in the window, flashing in and out so you were never sure what they looked like. Balloon Boy's laughter from FNAF2 played when the faces flashed.

This crying went on for all of act two.

Act three opened with Little Guy at a desk. In front of him was a paper, a pencil and some smudged thing. Little Guy then gripped the pencil in his hand and began writing.

He spoke out loud as he wrote:

"I can’t take it. Without Little Girl in my life, I am nothing. She made me what I am today. I am thankful for her. But now, with her dead, I just have no purpose in life. I cannot live with myself without Little Girl. If she is dead…. then I want to be dead. Goodbye Little Guy Clones, Doctor Beanson, Geo Guy, Doctor and company. I’m sorry for hurting anyone for doing this, but… I just can’t live like this, without Little Girl. If anyone finds this note, then I am probably dead… Goodbye…"

A demonic voice says: "DO IT". Little Guy picked up the blurry thing. The blurry thing was revealed to be a realistic Desert Eagle, looking as though it were Photoshopped into the scene. Little Guy lifts the barrel into his mouth, pulls the trigger and then cuts to black. I heard a sound of the gun firing, and splattering. When the camera starts up again, what I saw scared the crap out of me. It was Little Guy… he was dead.

The camera stayed on him. The note he made was pinned on him, realistic blood and brain matter was splattered on the wall, Little Guy's eyes were whited out and bleeding. Little Guy's left eye was hanging out of the socket. The final image was Little Guy watching TV with his Little Guy Clones, Doctor Beanson and Geo Guy, like in the beginning. The camera cuts to static and the same image of Tails stayed on screen for the rest of the episode until it went to credits.

The credits weren't normal. The song was the Sonic CD US Game Over music being played in reverse, the background was all red, and the credits were all in Russian. I only recognized Robert Stainton's name, as he was the creator of the show, the rest were people I'd never heard of. The copyright date was different, reading "(c) 1994-2005 Sony Wonder, Sesame Workshop, Cookie Jar". Greeny Phatom wasn't made in 1994. What the hell? It was odd, as Greeny Phatom was created in 1995. It didn't cut to the closing logo's like usual. Instead, it cut to pitch black. In Russian, a very satanic voice said "Hush little baby, don't say a word, Little Guy's gonna get you in 10 years".

I was extremely frightened and called the police about this. Just in time, they arrived to see what happened. My brother woke up to see WTF was going on. I told him ALL about the episode, and he was shocked to hear that. Right when they arrived, they could find nothing like what I remembered from early this morning. My internet history was even cleared, they were angry at me, and just said that I had a bad nightmare, then I said I hadn't. I had to playback that day's programming from when the incident with the disturbing Greeny Phatom episode had occurred. They were shocked at what I showed them.

When they left, I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night watching Cartoon Network to get all of that stuff out of my mind. I searched for the episode on the Internet but nothing came up. I tried telling my friends about this, but nobody believed me.

Eventually, I discovered that Robert Stainton had a Twitter account, so I sent a message about the episode and this was the reply I got:

"Hello, thank you for contacting us about this episode. One thing, how on Earth did you find out about that? Listen, we're very sorry your dreams are now crushed. I never, ever, EVER, thought I would think about that old shame again. Don't tell anyone this Daniel, (Yes, that's my name), but Greeny Phatom goes back further than you know.

I used to have a really boring job as a teen, and I sketched little drawings of Little Guy, the Little Guy Clones, Doctor, Doctor Beanson, Little Girl and Geo Guy. The episode you saw was never supposed to be seen by anyone but me and a few friends of mine. It was a very, very awful thing to do, but we made the episode as a joke. A guy from my old job, who everyone hated, had lost a child to a crazed serial killer, who is apparently still out there somewhere.

Anyway, we made it so we could make fun of how he came into work usually, crying like a fool, which is why you saw Little Guy burst into tears in the episode. I know, I am deeply sorry for what I did, which is why I tried to bury that stupid thing years ago. Literally, I went out into the countryside with my mates and dug a hole and buried it.

What I don't get though, is how you described the blood and guts and stuff. We didn't have any scene with Little Guy commiting suicide, all that happens in the episode is Little Guy crying like crazy. We didn't even draw anything in the episode like that, at all. We're not that sick.

Now, this is my theory, the lunatic who killed the man's child found the tape we buried, watched it, and heavily edited it. Then, he hijacked the local TV station near *******, (I blocked out the name of my city, I'm paranoid enough.) somehow, and got the episode to air on your local FOX station. He was a quiet staff and very angry for some reason. He got a job at Sony Woner in 2001, but got fired in 2004. He was a quiet staff, and always angry for some reason. Now, why your brother couldn't see it, I have no idea, why it seems you're the only one who saw it and that your brother was sleeping thorughout the whole episode, I have no idea either. Sorry, but I just don't know.

Now, for the explanation you have been waiting for, the Tails picture. I DON'T KNOW. I DON'T. I'm deeply sorry, from the bottom of my heart, but I don't know why the picture was aired, I just don't. I am sorry, I really am, but me and my mates are just the ones who made those scene with Little Guy crying, that's it. I'm so sorry Daniel, I'm so deeply sorry. -Best wishes, Robert Stainton and the rest of the Sony Wonder interns/staff."

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