Hello, everybody! Don't you all know the show, Greeny Phatom? Well, there was one episode that DIDN'T air.

I had a job as an intern at Sony Wonder. For two years I worked there, and I got fired from my job because I screw up over and over again.

But while I was walking out of the Sony Wonder studio building, I tripped on the VHS labeled in crude handwriting, "Greeny phatom, lost episode". I walked home and slammed it into my VHS player. When it started, the animation looked very rough like it wasn't finished yet, also the audio was pitched down two octaves and was very distorted.

So after the intro, of course, the episode's name was shown, the episode was called "The Murder of Little Guy". Oh my god! I had never seen the murder of the character like that!

The episode started with Little Guy running to Dr. Beanson's house. The animation seems a little bit better here, more like the show's normal quality, although the audio was very distorted.

Little Guy then arrives at Dr. Beanson's house. The animation went back looking rough, so than the intro, however the audio was no longer distorted. Dr. Beanson opens the door. He said in a speech bubble "Oh, hi. Little Guy. There's something I need to-". Then the screen made static noises that were so loud. 

Then the voice came up and said "Little Guy, there's something that I need to tell you". Little Guy said "What, what are you going to tell me?", Dr. Beanson then said in a scary Bowser-like voice, "YOUR LIFE IS MINE!". He then shot Little Guy with a gun. Then Dr. Beanson said "LITTLE GUY, YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!", that quote reminded me of Fluttershy's quote from the episode of MLP FiM titled "The Best Night Ever", Fluttershy was breaking the door.

Then the screen went black and showed dead bodies. Then it showed Dr. Beanson, what makes it so freaky is that Dr. Beanson's eyes were red and blood was coming out of them. 

It then showed Little Guy, Dr. PBS, Geo Guy and Green Bob dead, Dr. Beanson was standing on one of them with the same red eyes from before, holding a chainsaw. He said in a demonic voice, "COOL! LITTLE GUY WAS FIRST, GREE GUY IS NEXT!". The animation in this scene goes up to real quality, about to the real show.   

It then showed the hedgehog's dead body on the ground, however, this picture showed for some reason. It then cut to Dr. Beanson sitting at their table, crying. It wasn't usual crying, but real child crying. He then said "Oh no, what did I do?".

He then grabbed his paper and pencil, he cried out as he wrote:

"Without Little Guy and my friends, my life is gone forever. Sorry that I would not exist, my friends are all dead, everyone in 123 Greeny Phatom is all dead. I will no longer have any friends to make. Goodbye Little Guy. Goodbye Friends. Goodbye World".

He then got out a gun and shot himself and laying on the ground dead. The screen then cut to black and text appeared, and it said:

"Everyone in 123 Greeny Phatom and Dr. Beanson died, the series is now over. No more Greeny Phatom. Goodbye".

Then the credits roll, they weren't normal credits, the only text that said was "Writer: Robert Stainton".

I then took the tape out and ripped it in half. Be careful, if you find the tape with the same episode in it, don't watch it, JUST DESTROY IT!

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