One day I found a Greeny Phatom episode. the episode was called "FORBIDDEN GREENY PHATOM EPISODE". I clicked on it. The episode played normally, with the logos. then it cut to the episode's title. It was called: Season 6 Episode 11, "Dr. Beanson Kills Little Guy". It also had the Written and Directed by Robert Station and the created by Robert Station screens. "Little Guy, I'm Gonna tell you something", says Dr. Beanson. "If you know why, this looks like a mountain to me, this triangular mountain knows what's it's shaped like. Ok, Dr. Bean-" said Little Guy. "But Little Guy,(Beep)you, (Beep) Little Guy Insanity." said Dr. Beanson. Dr. Beanson, do not say the f word. you could get in trouble. Little Guy said. But Little Guy (Beep) you, (Beep) Little Guy Insanity. Dr. Beanson said. All of a sudden the camera zoomed on Little Guy, his face getting big and changing colors. then Dr. Beanson held up a gun, cocked it and shot Little Guy. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That retard is finally dead! Now to go eat his body and claim it was suicide! I'm the one of a kind solider and you're next, punk! Accept if you're lucky!" Dr. Beanson said. Then the credits rolled.

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