I heard this at a Greeny Phatom Event when Joe Green was speaking. Somebody asked about the episode and Green left the stage.Surprisingly, The production number was "89528: Little Guy Strikes Again" the episode "89528: A Halloween Adventure" was made later. 2 days later, I found a CD disc which said "lgsa_0001" so I popped it into my disc, sat on the couch, and began to watch it.

No logos came, only the intro. The intro started as normally but it was inverted and the volume was in low tone changing pitch to high tone. The title card said "Season 12 Episode 28 Little Guy Strikes Again" the episode began with Little Guy sleeping. Then, he woke up. And came closer to the camera blocking the whole screen. Then he said "HELLO THERE! HELLO THERE! HELLO THERE!" In a moaning voice (almost a zombie's voice but not quite)

The episode cuts to, Dr. Beanson sitting on his couch repeatly saying "Islam is the light" Like the Little Mommy dolls. Little Guy came and yanks him with an ax and says to me "Oh Jesus! I forgot to turn on the disc player! Now i'm going to starve!" Little Guy then hits himself on the face. Then, static came appearently for 98 seconds. It then cuts to Dr. Mother, and Green Bob saying "TIME TO F***!" 18 times. The episode ended then. It was short. Too short! For only 2 minutes. No closing logos were there too, it then cut to a photo of Little Guy with a grouchy look smiling saying "I AM KING!"

The CD popped out of my disc player. I was shocked because the episode had language and killing. I sat down staring at the TV for 29 seconds until I heard a voice whispering in my ear saying

"You're next!"

I turned and saw it was a Little Guy mini with bloody eyes and an ax, smiling at me. I threw the CD outside and the mini disappeared. Do not watch this episode, if you find the CD of this episode. Just stomp on it! I don't mind!

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