I was on Youtube. At the time, i was having the feeling for lost episode footage of Greeny Phatom. I knew all of it was fake, i just knew it. I found a Youtube channel. It was called "greeny0006." It had only 1 video. It was a link to a video called "Greeny.wmv". When i clicked on it to play it the video started. Static was onscreen for about 2 minutes with distorted audio of Greeny Arcade. Then Little Guy appeared. He was forlorn and was crying. The Doctor came and asked him what was wrong. Little Guy didn't answer. The Doctor sighed and walked away. Little Guy raised his head and got into his pocket. He pulled out something, but it was too crepuscular to see what it was. He began to get it close to himself as sweat dripped down his head. He suddenly dropped it and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. He began writing:

"I am sorry, world. I knew i shouldn't exist. Goodbye..."

He immediately picked the blurry thing up, and it was revealed to be a knife. He slit it in his throat. Blood poured down onto the note while faint screams played in the background, smothered with static. After 21 seconds an image appeared of Little Guy against static, with eyes that were cut out from Red Mist which were dripping blood. Little Guy was puking blood and he had long hair.


The alleged picture.

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