Does anyone know the film Go!Animate The Movie? Well, back in 2006, A video game to the movie was released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, in 2007 for the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, and Wii U. The 2006 port was made by Eurocom, Sierra and Fox Interactive, while the 2007 version was made by Fox Interactive and Activision.

I used to play it on GameCube when I was 9. Afterward, I gave up and stopped playing, and bought the PSP version.

However, when I went to buy the GameCube version on Amazon, it had 2 products. one was the original copy, and one was called "Go!AnimateTheMovie.EXE". I bought it, and when it came to my house, all the memories went back to me.

I popped it in the GameCube, and decided to play.

When the title screen came up, it wasn't normal. It took place in a post apoctaplic land that looked like Comedy World. There were only 2 options, Play and Multiplayer. I chose Play.

Oddly enough, all the characters and levels were unlocked! Also, every character had at least all upgrades.

I chose PC Guy as my character and began.

The first 3 levels were easy, but when I got to Level 4 (Jackashay vs. Blinky 2-PO), for an unknown reason, PC Guy was fighting Jackashay and Blinky 2-PO!

Before PC Guy did his finishing move, Blinky 2-PO got out a knife, and stabbed PC Guy. After that fail, I continued fighting characters until I made it to the last level.

This time, Eric and Victor were allies to PC Guy, and were fighting Mr. Keebler.

Instead, Keebler killed them all with one punch.

The next screen said "GAME OVVVVVVVERRRRRRRR!" in red blood.

I destroyed the copy as fast as I could.

If you ever find a copy of this game, see if it's the real game. If it isn't, Then I dare you to play it.