I love HTF. One day, I was watching a full episode of HTF, Shard at Work. When suddenly, it took me to a unknown page, it's not youtube but a video player. And the video was called Giggles.wmv. I pressed play and it started with Giggles staring at the screen for 20 seconds then she transformed into evil giggles. She had finally flipped out and become evil and has a knife in her hand. The she threw the knife at the screen and the video ended with a scary maze screamer. After watching this, I heard a noise in the kitchen and went to check it out. It was Evil HTF Giggles! She's come to me and said ANY LAST WORDS, LITTLE BABY? I then said Please don't kill me!. If you find this video, don`t watch it. If you managed to record this video, don't upload it to YouTube or else your account will be closed by a copyright claim from Mondo Media Inc., and ToonBoom Studio. If the video ends on your recording, nothing will happen. People would stare at giggles for 10 seconds to see her blink.
Candy slide giggles

Normal Giggles

Calm giggles

Evil Giggles