NOTE: This pasta had a few similarities to Tomba! 3 Creepypasta. Don't go "HURR HURR YOU COPIED TOMBA! 3 CREEPYPASTA". I made this for fun.

The Pasta

In 1997, Sony announced a sequel to Geoshea Evolution but later it was scrapped for unknown reasons. In 2000, rumor quickly spread of Geoshea Evolution 2 being created. Many forms of this legend were created, such as a PS2 game, a PS3 game, a demo, an early alpha version and even a complete PS1 version. It was confirmed that no final version was ever released but there were an alpha and a demo that were long gone by the time Sony lost the rights for the Geoshea series.

After hearing this, I was saddened. I even looked around to make sure it was true. After days of searching, I found a strange website that didn't have an index page or any page for that matter. Instead, it had a page listing files, and at the top said "Index of /". There were ISO's listed in a weird way. Unlike normal files, there was no title ID or region code.

Things like demoresidentevil1.iso and silenthillalpha.iso were found, but finally I found it. geosheaevolution2techdemo.iso, geosheaevolution2alpha.iso and an strange file, geosheaevolution2.iso. There was no demo, but it seemed to strangely go from alpha directly to finished version. The AI at the end of the name probably meant that the I and A are interchangeable.

I quickly downloaded all 3. I opened ePSXe and started up the Tech Demo. What I saw wasn't what I expected. It was a strange 3D video of Dave, just eating a banana. It wasn't like it was Geoshea Evolution 2. I brushed it off as a mistake and booted up the Alpha. It was also unexpected. There were only models. You could walk and run around, but only went through a field. Boring.

It was finally time for Geoshea Evolution 2. This was the most unexpected one yet. It started up with the title screen. It was black with the basic title, start, and copyright 1998. So I hit the start button.

When I got teleported to Minion Island, the sky was bloody red. The music was a reversed distorted piano song. I made Dave to walk and run, but then I noticed things out of place: the Evil Minions had black, souless eyes with what appeared to be blood on their heads. Dave had blood on his shoes, pants, goggles, and gloves as if he was stomping and ripping apart enemies.

When you would jump, you couldn't do it as high as usual, and if you fell more that what seemed like 15 feet in game, Dave would make a hyper-realistic crunching noise and double over in pain as if he broke his legs.

Suddenly, a minion popped out of the screen which was very distrubing. His eyes were black, blood coming out of them, and his mouth is completely gone. He said something, but in reverse. I recorded it with Sound Recorder, and it played "you can't survive like this beyond death". I found that very creepy.

After this, the game cut to black. The image of Dave and Stuart faded in slowly, their eyes were red and blood coming out of them. "They all died painfully" appeared on the screen and it cut to static.

There were five seconds of static and that was the end of the ISO. ePSXe crashed.

I figured enough was enough and I decided to open the ISO and see the contents.

What I saw was unbelievable. Pictures of mutilated children and animals were scattered in the ISO, along with pictures of women being raped, pictures of crime scenes and pictures of terrorist attacks. I vomited, deleted geosheaevolution2.iso and turned off my computer. I haven't played this Geoshea game since.

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