Geoguy.exe script below!

In 1-2-3 Geo's World, Geo Guy was doing spring cleaning, until he finds a door that was not ever present before. Green Bob then takes a peek, then once touching the door, the screen starts to blur. The highly idiotic Gree Guy then opens the door, then gets sucked...

...into Geo Guy's house, but with inverted colours. The screen then starts to flash inverted and normal repeatly throughout the movie. Then, Geo Guy meets Lisa Simpson, who feels inverted, with reversed speech.

Then, the 4 walks outside, with the 1-2-3 Geo's World sign saying "WeLcOmEtO123gEo'SwOrLd". Then, they meet Dr. PBS, who had body switch with Dr. Beanson. The video quality gets worse from here. Then, they meet Yug eoG, Geo Guy's inverted self.

Turns out that Evil Leafy is the one who invented the door, and throws knifes at the 6 of them. The video quality is at its worsest from here. Then, the "6" shown onscreen turns into a bloody "666", and Evil Leafy throws the knifes, thus killing them. Then, a seizure alert flashes on screen, then showing a montage of the 6 reforming through the power of flashing lights.

Then, Evil Leafy multiplies into 666 trillion clones, which kills the 6 of them.

The end.

One year later, Evil Leafy takes over 1-2-3 Geo's World.

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