A long time ago, I found VHS tapes in my bedroom. One of them was called "geoguy."

It was recorded sometime in 2000 and it was only 50 seconds long.

I put the tape in the TV. It had no commercials or logos. It also had very low quality. It just cut to the Geo TV opening theme, which was silent, and was dark. Something must have been wrong with this tape, I thought.

Then, it cut to Geo Guy standing in a field. He was looking at the viewer. Some awkward music played.

5 seconds in, there was static, and the music was STILL playing. The static lasted for 10 seconds, then it cut to Geo Guy again. There was a 2 second static. and Geo Guy had black eyes, and red pupils with blood dripping out of his eyes. For some reason, about a couple seconds after that happened, it played the static noise and got all deformed. Then it went back to Geo Guy.

About a while after that, the static noise played again and got all wavy. The same thing, only with a yellow tint happened later. A shot from Squidward's Suicide popped up with the static.

Then there was a hole forming around Geo Guy and purple colors were everywhere. Then, a scream/howl sounded in the darkness, and laughing. Red eyes would appear and zoom in. Static showed up after that. I will NEVER watch a Geo TV episode again after that.