I went to school to go to hall sales, when I got there, I saw a sign reading "Hall sale - VHS tapes, cameras and more!". I opened the door and went to VHS Tapes.

I found some old VHS tapes like Wallace & Gromit, Geo TV and Toy Story. I stumbled across the tape labeled "Lost Geo TV Episode".

I asked the guy how such he wanted it, it was for 99 bucks! I was surprised! I walked out of the hall and the school, went home, got out my VCR and popped it in. The intro was normal, but I remembered the episode's name, it was labeled "ggEEoo gUU...". Weird.

The episode starts with Geo Guy playing anxiously in his room, with the expression like he had just seen a ghost. The camera shot switched to an angled shot, so I could see out of Geo Guy's door. I vaguely saw the shadow of a girl walking down the hallway with the machete in her hands. Rico quickly warned Geo Guy and he attempted to run away. However, the girl, having burst through the door, frantically tried to get Geo Guy.

She threw the knife at Geo Guy, but horribly missed and instead, gouged out Rico's eye. Rico lets out a throat-shredding scream as blood poured out furiously. Eis, somehow oblivious to what had just happened to Rico, ran away. Geo Guy, ran to downtown, tried to find a telephone to call the police.

Upon picking up the payphone, he suddenly saw a familiar person. It was someone telling Geo Guy to get away but he was pulled into the darkness. Geo Guy shut his eyes and tried to wake himself up, as if he was in a dream. Then he saw Eis and Rico's dead body flattened. Without warning, Geo Guy's eyes became bloodshot red and a text flashed in Russian across the screen, to horrifyingly discover what the message was.

"He was first, you're next. In the future, you will die."

After that, the credits roll. I was sitting there, silent. I e-mailed the guy who sold me the tape and he just sent me the link to the video. I clicked on it, but wish I haven't...

The video was a guy (Most unlikely the guy who sold me the tape.) screaming, he threw a Geo Guy doll on the ground, he picked up the knife which was on the table and he shoved it into his back. Blood was everywhere, it ended.

I then took the tape out and burned it. Now guys, if you see hall sales which have this tape, don't ask the guy how he wanted it for.

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