In 2001/2002, Universal Interactive Studios and Rare were planning a brand new Geo Adventure game, which was called Geo Adventure: Unmasked, this time for the GameCube. During development of the game, Rare was sold to Microsoft, and so, the game was cancelled.

However, they still continued production at Microsoft, and planned to release it on the Xbox, and also use Xbox Live. But with the announcement of Gree Guy's Returns for the Xbox and GameCube, the game was delayed to September 2003, and then was cancelled.

Before the cancellization, Microsoft announced pre-orders of the game, and sure enough, many people bought it. However, I had never even pre-ordered the game, and as far as I know, not many people own the game nowadays.

So one day, I went onto Amazon to find if they sell it. They had only one copy left, but it was free, so I bought it.

When it came to my house around November, I was excited to have the only copy left of this cancelled game. But when I popped it into my Xbox, I wasn't expecting what would happen, because when the title screen came up, it said to press start to start a new game, or press A to load a save game.

I started up a new game, and then it started story mode. The game's plot was recycled from a later game (Cel Damage) and so Geo Guy went into his car, and then the game finally began!

I went through the levels smoothly, until I reached the third boss. He constantly bulled out an axe and tried cutting Geo Guy's car in half. He did manage to cut it in half, and as a result, I lost all my lives, and it was game over.

I did manage to find cheats on the game, and so when i entered the cheats, I went through every level until the final boss appeared.

When he had only ONE hit point left, I was so excited, I was going to beat the game, until he used a GIGANTIC gun, which not only killed him, it also killed me.

I exited to the Dashboard, and then deleted the save file. I also sold the game to a store that at least still sells original Xbox games.

The game managed it's way onto the internet. If you EVER find a game that exists like this, THEN DON'T PLAY IT FOR PETE'S SAKE!

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