Day 1

Do any of you remember Geo Adventure? It all starting me being on holiday in PA, It was an ordinary day in my house. After making a movie on my computer, I got bored, but then I remembered of a game I haven't beaten. Geo Adventure. I looked everywhere for it. I went to the basement, all I found was my old Spider-Man PS1 instruction book. No sign of Geo Adventure. "Darn it", I said.

I went to eBay to find Geo Adventure. After days of searching, I found a strange thing at the 13th page, it said: "GEO ADVENTURE BETA DISC FOR SONY PLAYSTATION RARE"

And I bought it. I don't know why.

Waiting for game. I had heard a knock on the door. I opened it, all there was was a dirty white cardboard box that was torn. I opened it and to my surprise, the real beta disc was there. It was writted in permanent marker. It said:

"GA, The Beta Disk"

"Woah, I cant believe this, I have the beta disc." As I carefully put on the disc into my PS1. "I wonder what secrets i'll find, maybe I will be famous on the internet for having the legendary beta disc!" I couldn’t wait to play it the next day.

Day 2

The game started up. It started much how the Crash Bandicoot prototype disc and the Spyro 1 beta disc started up. The Universal logo and The date of the build. Heres what it said.

"(C) 1996 Universal Interactive Studios, Inc. Build 3/5/96"

I remember reading online there was a beta version of this game available, so I thought, 'Cool! I'm gonna play the beta version of Geo Adventure!' But it wasn't cool. It was the beta BEFORE the released beta.

The title screen started up. I press start. The menu was just text. It had Play, Options, and Quit. I selected Options but there was nothing there. It just had the option Back. So I chose it. The title screen was different now. It had Geo Guy in the background running back and forth, which I thought was funny. Then, a large spike came down from the sky and skewered Geo Guy. I heard Geo Guy scream. Blood was everywhere, I was scared. So I hit start after 5 seconds of seeing this horrible sight.

A homeworld loaded up, and it was to my surprise: Hubtown! but with a dead end replacing the first level, Mountaingreen Hills. Then it cut to Geo Guy chasing Gree Guy with REAL laugther in the background. I thought the chasing was funny. but text came up. It said:


Then, I was scared. How did it know i was laughing?

I turned off the PS1. I couldn’t play this for a while.

Day 3

I've decided to go back to my PS1 and play again. I can’t just leave it unfinished… I’ll give a report tomorrow.

Day 4

Holy s**t, guys. So, I booted up my PS1 yesterday, and guess what? Instead of showing the PS1 startup, it just loaded a picture on the screen. It was of me. A recent school picture of that.  How did it know me and my parents and stuff? Then it cut to a dark hallway. Geo Guy had to get past the endless hallway. Then there was a goal. Geo Guy was staring at me with a blank expression. Then it changed into a smile. His smile was up to his temples.

Then it cut to a cutscene where Geo Guy turned to me with red eyes with Jea's dead body in Hubtown. Jea was made hyper realistic with her eyes gone and blood oozing out of them on her face with realistic organs laying on the floor. Geo Guy then said in a very demonic voice: 


That's weird. How does he know my name? Then it cuts to an animation of a funeral home, but Geo Guy inside, crying, sounds of him all filling the screening room. Then it zoomed in on the same shot of Jea. It took a very long time, 5 minutes. The animation ended.

After the animation ended, it cut to black and stayed there for 2 minutes. I thought: "This is the end of the game, huh?", Then it went to the same homeworld as before, but with bloody red sky. and a portal covered in blood. I felt sick. But what made me sick more was IT wasn't animated or CGI, but made with food coloring or real. So, Geo Guy went in.

Instead of loading Mountaingreen Hills, the game's first level, it loaded a cutscene of Geo Guy crying in the level. He said while he was crying: "Why couldn't you save Jea? Why? WHY?" before going back to crying. like the animation, it took a very long time.

Then it stopped and showed nothing but black screen.

As I sat there staring at the black screen, one last text came up.

"Shame on you. Jea is now dead, all because of Gree Guy, who killed her. So, Eis and Rico put her body in a ho

Geo Adventure Title Screen

What the title screen could look like before i turned off the PS1.

le. This is all your fault. You should have saved her, but you didn't, and now, you're next."

Then it returned to the title screen, but much creepier.

Geo Guy has soulless black eyes with red pupils and blood dripping out of them, the sky was blood red. The building was decaying. The grass was grey. The Geo tokens were red with blood dripping from them. The coin in the corner was red with blood dripping from them.

The music was the Sonic CD American Game Over music in reverse.

I turned off the PS1, took out the disc and burnt it. 

I swear, I will never see something like that EVER again. If you see a beta disk of Geo Adventure, stay away from it.

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