One day, I decided to go to the Flea Market to buy something, When I found a copy of Geo Adventure. I always love the Geo Adventure series when I was a kid. I went home and put the disc in my PS1. However, something was off.

The title screen was very disturbing. The sky was bloody red. Geo Guy had empty eye sockets and a bleeding mouth. There is music, but super creepy music. It's the Shadow Temple music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time playing very fast and at a much lower pitch, also in reverse. I was a little scared, and I wanted to turn off the game, but something inside me told me to keep playing.

When I pressed start, it didn't take me to the file select screen. Instead, it took me right into the game, and I was in the Hubtown, the game's first world, and I started on the first level, Mountaingreen Hills.

When I entered Mountaingreen Hills, instead of saying Mountaingreen Hills, it said:


I was surprised at this. The Once-ler wasn't even IN Geo Adventure! However, I kept on playing. The enemies looked sad and I swear that they had tears in their eyes as they died. It only got worse from there.

The enemies started looking sadder and had fresh scars that bled realistic blood. As I got to the Once-ler at the end, he was sobbing, with blood pouring out of his eyes and mouth. Pieces of his hat were torn off and his shirt were stained with blood.

A text box appeared. It read:

"Kill me, Geo Guy... I can't take it anymore..."

I punched the Once-ler and he fell on the ground, dazed. I picked him up and used a Mad Move on him.

Another text appeared. It said:

"Kill me now, Geo Guy..." I did it again. "Thank... you... Geo..." Finally, I killed him, and instead of spitting coins out, Geo Guy stood in front of him and blood splattered all over his face. The screen goes black. Then Geo Guy appeared on the screen, with black eyes. He had an evil smile. He then attacked the Once-ler. Having no way to beat him I just let myself die. Then Geo Guy said something sinister, in voice.

"Why you didn't save him?"

Then my PS1 turned itself off. After a couple of days, i played it again, this time is was normal, as if nothing scary ever happened.

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