As a kid, I really enjoyed playing Geo 64 on the Nintendo 64; until one day, I found my old N64 at the basement a few days before, and have some few games such as Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Then I realized that I didn't have Geo 64 because I lost it, so I decided to went on my computer and order it on eBay. Then I found a copy of the game for $1.95, so I bought it.

The game later arrived at my house eight days later. I tore open the package and it had a cartridge with the words "Geo 64" written on a black sharpie. There were no case or label. The sticker looked off a bit somehow, but I don't know how. I went to my room, plugged my N64, set up the controller, and put the game in the console. The screen turned on, the copyright screen and the Geo LTD. Interactive and Point of View logos were there, and shows the title screen. I pressed start and made a new save file. 

The game started up. No opening cutscene, the game just started, and Geo was just placed at Basopolis, the game's hub world. However, something's not right. The sky was pitch black and there was no music. Just dead silence. There weren't even any people around to talk to, except for Reo, who just stood there with a sad expression on his face. I walked over to him, and a text box appeared, saying in Latin "Nolite cogitare in hac die Deus" which means "Don't think God on this day." I realized that it wasn't a glitch, but it was a hack. Then I started on the first level, Green Land. Instead of "Green Land", the level was called "I'm Sorry". I have no idea what drove me to enter the level, but I did.

When I entered the level, the enemies looked scared, and as I attacked them, the enemies exploded in a hundred pieces. I almost felt sick as I saw a brain hop in the distance. When I reached at the end of the level, I just saw Wybie, which made me shocked. He was never in the Geo series nor the game. Wybie just stood there until a text box appeared, saying: "See you in the second level." Then Wybie quickly went to the goal. I made Geo at the goal that Wybie was on, and the screen faded to black. Instead of showing the goal screen, the game put me in Basopolis, but this time it got worse. The houses were crumbling in ruin. The sky was bloody red and the music was low-pitched. The people including Reo laid down on the ground like they were dead.

When I reached for the on/off switch on the N64, Geo turned around and said in a demonic voice, "Don't even think about touching that switch. You'll never stop playing my game. If you turn it off, this is your end." I was so scared, Geo would never say that to me! However I kept playing. I went to the second level, Downtown Basopolis. Much like Green Land, it said "Go Away" instead of "Downtown Basopolis." The level started at downtown Basopolis. The buildings were on fire, there were dead bodies everywhere and the sky was pitch black. Screams could be heard. The enemies were even more afraid, looking directly at the Geo, as if begging him not to kill them. But I felt I had to. I attacked one of the enemies, but then this time, blood and gore splattered on the screen.

I almost felt more sick, and when I reached the end of the level like before, I just saw was horrifying, It was Wybie, dead in a pool of his own blood, with a note pinned on him. When I went to the goal, the screen cuts to black and a loud, high-pitch screech is heard, which almost made my ears bleed. Then Geo was back at the hub world, but instead of Basopolis, I was at a empty field with a portal. It was the portal to a level, which is called "Your Fault." I entered the level, and Geo landed in a dark dungeon. There were blood on the walls. It did not look like it belonged in a game like Geo 64. Geo was just sitting there, unable to move, as if this was some kind of cutscene. Geo then gets up and he is playable. I started to walk through the dungeon. Then Gree appeared on the corner, but something was different. He was more demonic looking, had glowing eyes, with his blue-ish skin was now a dark red. Then Gree starts chasing me. There was no way to damage it, so I had no choice but to let Geo take damage.

When he lost all his health, the usual death animation didn't happen. Geo started to scream, but it wasn't a cartoonish scream, it was realistic scream so loud. Then Geo died. Gree stands over Geo and crushed on him with blood splattered on the screen, like the enemies. Then it cuts to black and shows a hyper-realistic drawing of Coraline dead in a pool of her own blood with her eyeballs hanging out along with a scream of a girl who sounded like Coraline. Then a bloody red text appeared on the bottom of the screen, saying "YOU COULDN'T SAVE HER." Then it flashes to a different game over screen, it shows a hanged Geo on the right of the screen with the words "Game Over", but it looked like it was written by a 3-year-old kid. The writing looked like someone wrote with a red Crayola crayon. I could hear Geo whimpering, crying and saying "It's all over now... it's over..."

Then my N64 turned off by itself. I'm so scared now, I took the cartridge out of my N64 and threw it straight into the trash. I hope I'll never see that hacked version of Geo 64 with scary pop-ups, blood and gore, stuff like that.

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