GeoCreature.exe is a 3-part creepypasta based on the Geo series. It appears to be a sequel to Minion.exe and it is based on Luigi Game.EXE by InsanePinkiePie on Game Jolt. If you don't know about Geo, click here!

The Intro

I was an intern at Geo LTD. Interactive as a Game Tester in 2007. Geo LTD. Interactive was given a job to create a game based of the Geo series that was to be a 3-part game. It was supposed to come out for the PC in 2011, but it was cancelled because it was scary and it had blood and gore on it. In May 2014, a completed prototype of the game was released earlier, and the disc and it looks like any ordinary computer CD-R disc, except it had black marker on it written: "GEOCREATURE.EXE".

I took the disc home, and went to up my room and turned on my computer and put the disc in. It brought up a normal prompt saying "What would you like to do with this disk?" There was "setup.exe", and "open folder to view files". I selected the open folder option and there was 3 items on the window. The first one was: "GeoCreaturePart1.exe", then the second one was called: "GeoCreaturePart2.exe". Finally, the third one was: "GeoCreaturePart3.exe". All of the file's icons had Geo on it.

Part 1

I clicked the first file to start part 1. The game started up as usual, except there's no music. The sky had a blue sky that was from the default wallpaper (Bliss.jpg) from Windows XP. There was also no HUD. Anyway I started playing and had Geo start walking like you would in any of the classic Geo games, except there's no walking animation. I noticed Dave the Minion at the end of the level. I got near him. Then a text box appeared saying:

Geo: "Hey, Dave! Where's Coraline, Reo and my friends?"

Dave: "They're dead."

Geo: "They died? This is a good joke! HAHAHA!"

Dave: "IT'S NOT A JOKE."

Then a horrific image came up. It shows a minion (Dave?) holding a chainsaw, with blood all over him and the chainsaw. His clothes were worn, his head was half ripped, seeing his brain and his goggles were broken in the left. I remembered that image while searching zombie minion on Google. "Why is there blood and gore in a kids game?" I thought. Then the game closed itself and part 1 ends.

Part 2

I opened up part 2 to start the game. It started with the title screen. Geo was standing on the Geo logo from the 2013 CGI movie of the same name, and I was like "WTF? What's this doing in the 2009 game?", anyway, then I notice something off, the sky was black, the "(C) 2009 Geo LTD". was now instead "(C) 666 Geo LTD.", and the water had turned red, like blood. The music was the title music (you know it was just a 16-bit mess of sounds, the demonic "SEGA!" occasionally mixed in.) from Sally.exe. When I pressed start, it cuts to static for 1 minute. After it finished, a level started with Geo. A sad, dull melody played in the background. The sky was pitch black. The grass was from part 1. Then a text box appeared saying:

Geo: "Where am I? Is anybody here? Hello?"

I started playing and had Geo start walking. When I fell and died, a image of disturbing Homer Simpson (from The Simpsons episode "Brother from the Same Planet") came up for 1 second. Then I respawned. When I made it to the end of the level, it cuts to static, except there's no static sound and the music was STILL playing, for 1 minute. Then a text appeared saying:


"Ico? What are you doing in my series? You're not supposed to be in my town!"



Then the game closed itself and part 2 ends.

Part 3


I finally opened up part 3 to start the game. Then a title screen started. It showed Geo standing in a short island. There was no title for the game, there was also no music and "Press Enter" was at the bottom of the screen. When I pressed enter, it cuts to static for 1 minute, a level started with Geo. It was the same level from part 2, except there's a portal at the right and the music was different. I went to portal and it took me to the next level. There's static in the background. When I finished the level, it went to another level. The background was the dark cloudy sky of the Bad Stardust Speedway level from Sonic CD. When I finished the level, I noticed Reo at the end of the level, looking shocked. I got near him. Then a box appeared saying:

Geo: "Reo?"

Reo: "Geo!"

Geo: "What are you doing in here? I thought you were dead?"

Reo: "Watch out! It's a trap!"

When I clicked "OK", Dave appeared. His eyes were black and bleeding with two red lights for pupils. Then static came for 1 minute. Then a red text appeared, saying: "fOUnd yOU!". Then static came again. Then it cuts to the same level that was the first one in part 3, but the background was Giygas from EarthBound, but with more saturation. The music was a Dial-up sound slowed down 700% with some screaming and static thrown in. When I went to portal, it had the same background after I went to the portal. When I started playing and had Geo start walking, Dave appeared, again with those black and red eyes, for 1 minute. Then it cuts to the same level that was from part 1, except there's Reo at the end and the background music was a drowned sounding, slower version of the Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. When Geo started walking, a text box appeared saying:

Geo: "Huh? I'm awake? It's finally over! It was all just a dream!"

Reo: "Geo!"

When I clicked "OK", the game closed itself and it finally ends. So, this was just Geo's nightmare. I kept the game.

The Game

Here's the link for the game. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Video


GeoCreature.exe (Creepypasta Gameplay HD)

Gameplay (HD)

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