Dark Link

The screencap from the episode

"Dead Toon Link" (aka "GW:_S26_EP1.avi") is a creepypasta series finale of Geo's World that it was never aired on ABC.

The pasta

Anyone remember Geo's World? I liked it when I was younger, but now that I'm older I wanted to watch it more.

So I went on Wikipedia and search Geo's World. It said the show is about to end on ABC on June 5, 2013. I was saddened. I even looked around to make sure it was true.

I googled Geo's World series finale, I found a website that said: "GEO'S WORLD, SERIES FINALE - FREE DOWNLOAD!" I immediately clicked on this out of excitement and downloaded. It took 1 minute to download. The name of the .zip file was: "". That's strange, the 25th season was the final season of Geo's World. I click the file. It contained two files. One was a notepad file. It was titled "readme.txt", I opened it. It read:

This is an unreleased episode from Geo's World, dated April 2013. This was originally planned to end the series, and this was actually aired in some countries. Beware, that just like everything else, the things you will see will stay inside your mind for the rest of your life. Watch at your own risk, and please don't say that we didn't warn you.

I began to feel a bit suspicious and my heart pounded. But my curiousity overtook me. I opened the second file, and avi file.

The intro plays normal. When the intro was over, the name of the episode was: "Dead Toon Link" with eerie music in the background of the title. I wasn’t scared because I thought they were trying to get people creeped out. The episode starts with Geo Guy walking by Toon Link's house and the sky was... bloody red. Toon Link says: "STOP SCREAMING GEO GUY!". How he yelled almost made me deaf, Probably the guy who was uploading this messed up the sound.

Toon Link's eyes flashed for a second, I managed to pause the frame. This is the picture, it is the most disturbing, thing I have ever seen. If a child saw this they would probably crap their pants, I can't believe what ABC would do, or who ever this sick, mentally devestated person is.

I continued to watch the episode, but I still feel sick after seeing that..... picture....... The sounds started to work normally, they didn't make any loud yelling or static. Toon Link said: "GEO GUY, IF YOU DON'T STOP YELLING I'M GOING TO KILL YOU AND MYSELF. YOU HEAR ME?". I can't believe ABC inserted this line, This is the most disturbing, possibly. Thing in history of ABC cartoons. Toon Link killing himself and Geo Guy? That's just too much ABC.

I was about to stop the video but Toon Link's eyes turned red as I was attempting to press the X button on top of the window. Toon Link says: "Oh, no way. Don't go away."

Toon Link: You are going to help me.

Toon Link: Even if you don't want to, Gabriel.

Holy crap, I was just going to press X and he said that. it's just.... how did he..... know my name?

Geo Guy went to Green Bob's house, of course. He was going to stay over at Green Bob's house, Toon Link just, teleports to his back and... HE HAS A GUN. Seriously ABC? Toon Link shots Geo Guy and he cries so hard it almost blew my headphones, Blood starts dripping out and Toon Link continues to shot him repeatedly. All of his blood flows away and Toon Link grabs his heart and rips it out, Even more "blood" comes out. It isn't blood, It is something black, I don't know what. The episode ended with Toon Link and Geo Guy's dead body laying down the floor.

The ending credits appeared, but the song was none and the credits were in Times New Roman and the background was blank.

I was scared out of my mind. "What the hell did I just watch!?!", I thought to myself as I deleted the video clip. If you see a Geo's World episode with blood and gore on it, just stay away from it, or you'll regret it.

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