Hi, my name is Michael Wildshill and i'm gonna tell you a story of the "creepiest thing" ever seen and ever happened before Geo's 2nd Movie started production.

I was a main animator, part of the special effects crew and writer at Columbia TriStar Feature Animation. I know that sounds like too many jobs, but what can you do when you're having talent and imagination. After Geo's 1st Movie premiered, it was both commercial and critical success, that we decided to do a sequel, which ended up being the only sequel which was ever completed at Columbia TriStar Feature Animation. It's final name was Geo's 2nd Movie, but we first called it Geo's 1st Movie 2.

It didn't made sense, but atleast it was a working title.

After many months of working on the movie, we finished the "conceptual prototype" which showed 20 minutes or a short. We were eating donuts and drinking soda. We laughed, we talked and we did stuff together. I afterwards wrote and drawed Geo's 1st Movie 2 logo on the paper on the video cassette. Andrew, John (Lasseter) and Gabriel (Geo) complimented and said i have a good drawing style, despite the fact that i was only drawing the logo to the paper. I wondered a second and nervously thanked them. I tooked the picture with a low-quality camera and placed it on the wall of my office.
Geo's 1st movie 2 tape

The picture of the conceptual prototype tape.

We walked to Columbia TriStar Feature Animation's CEO's office and gave him the tape. Sadly, i wasn't there. I accidentally was late and felt sad.

According to how my co-worker told me, when they got into 10-minute mark, the prototype suddenly stopped. CEO asked everyone what just happened. Lights went out in the room. Then suddenly, everything was red. Lights flickered and Geo Guy entered the room. His eyes were black, but didn't bleed or had red glowing pupils.

He said "God has come to rape your sins" in satanic voice.

Everyone screamed, one was ripped (literally, he was torn apart, ripped in half) and Geo Guy strangeled the CEO. Then, lights went out again and it was back to normal.

Everyone was actually hallucinating.

I stepped into the room.

Everyone was scared and looked at the projector. I asked what happened there.

They said two words.

Destroy it.

I was wondering while i was taking the tape to my office. I looked at the name again and this time, the logo looked like it bleeded. It was weird. Then i scrolled the tape back to it's starting point but few seconds later, it started bleeding. I shouted EW! so loud. I then saw the same Geo Guy (that appeared in the crew's dreams or hallucinations).

I threw it to trash bag, threw the trash bag to garbage truck, when it arrived at the right time.

I shudder for a while. I then wrote about it to my diary.

I swear to god.

I never.



Want to see that shit.

Ever again.

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