I had recently gotten a few games for my computer, all of which being downloaded off a torrent website. I was looking through my games folder, when I found a .exe that was named "generalmillsthegame.exe", and the icon was of Jake's head. Since I was a pretty big fan of General Mills, I clicked on it.

It opened up with some logos, I didn't care to read them. The title screen showed wacky font reading "General Mills Adventures". It also had "Copyright 2010" below it, strange, General Mills' Jake character didn't exist back then. I shrugged it off and pressed start.

It faded to black, the words "READY...SET...GO..." appeared and I was in-control of Jake. The level had green grass, some trees, and a pond. It seemed normal. I moved Jake right and he started going right, after walking for a while I saw Tricks, a "B" appeared above him. I pressed B and he started to speak in a speech bubble

Jake, we have lost Orange in the woods, can you help us?

It showed a YES and NO option, I picked YES and he replied with:

Thanks buddy!

I was brought to a new level, it was a forest level, probably the forest Orange got lost in. I moved Jake right and as usual he started to go right. After a while, Jake started to go the other direction and a speech bubble appeared:


WTF? What kind of game was this?! I forced Jake to move right, but he wouldn't budge, he continued left. Until, a screamer of Orange appeared, his eyes were stiched closed and his teeth were sharp.

I got a game over and the game closed by itself. I recently tried to open it again, but it wouldn't budge.

Instead, I got this message:

Orange is dead, shame on you!

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