This is very hard. I can never get the disturbing images out of my head.

It will seem ridiculous what I am going to tell but if this were not written by me, I would not believe it either. It happened about 4 years ago (I am currently 17). I was a fan of Garfield when I was little. I saw all his episodes on Cartoon Network, I had from a cup with the image of the up t-shirts. I knew a friend who had an acquaintance who was part of the Cartoon Network Staff and asked him if there was any chance that he would pass all the episodes of Garfield, but he said that it is very difficult because the management of the channel is very strict and Would not distribute any video to another person outside the channel, they are only to be transmitted via television. Then I was disillusioned and I told him that if I was going to pay them, it would be possible, and he told me that I would ask him to see what Cartoon Network said. It had been about 2 weeks, and I asked if there was anything new, and he said yes, but only by offering them a large sum of money. What they asked for was something exorbitant. They asked for about 8,000 USD for all episodes. But I wanted so much to have all the episodes that among all my family helped me for that. Already 6 or 7 months passed and we already had that amount of money that both my family cost, if, sure many will say

"How is it possible that your whole family gets to pay you that large amount of money?" Well, my fanaticism was so great that I even wanted to have the official episodes of the cartoon. In that, my friend told me that a bank transfer has to be made to send the money to the United States. Then my parents sent it. After all this. Package to spend about 3 weeks. At last he arrived at the mail branch in my area. I went to check out with my parents happy. I was very excited. When I got to my house I opened the package, it was a medium-sized cardboard box. I removed the security strips until I opened the box, there were several VHS tapes, there were about 15. In all they said Garfield And Friends Ep: 1 to 3. Which meant that in each cassette there are 3 episodes (among them clear , Is the Farm of Orson). But one surprisingly called my attention because I had no label or anything. I did not pay much attention because I assumed they forgot to label. Well, then I started to watch the episodes starting with the first, the days went by and I was going for the 5 cassette, but I wanted to see the one that had no label. So I put it because curiosity was eating me up. So I gave it to Play. Something weird happened, only Garfield's images were seen, they were not animated, until one was animated in which it was a loop that only walked, after this there was another animation in which it was seen speaking to him John Bonachon, its owner, I clarified that the quality of this tape was poor and the audio was very low. I assumed that they are test episodes that inadvertently sent it. And I was even happier because I had in my hands an official rehearsal tape that came from Cartoon Network. And then came an extra animation in which Garfield pulls Oddie from the table to the ground. Something typical, except that Garfield's eyes were not the same.

He did not care. Below are the colored bars of the typical video tapes, then a blue screen appears and finally the intro appears. Aca quality is better, it does not look very sharp, but it looks better, but the sound was heard somewhat distorted, the most striking, was that it was the same Garfield with the eyes of those I saw in previous test animations. At the end of the intro appears the title of the episode that was called "Garfield The End". I opened my eyes like never before, and asked myself mentally. What a strange title, that I remember did not have an end this caricature. Then John enters the scene and calls Garfield (He was in English, subtitled in Spanish) He tells him to get up that he has been sleeping for a long time, and that he already has his lasagna. But this did not respond, was still sleeping, John called once more, but Garfield answered loudly. "Shut up!" Angry John said, "Look, Garfield, you're tired of me answering.

That way, so well, if you do not want even a simple lasagna then do not ask me for anything else. "And he leaves the scene angry.That Garfield gets up, but he was with the rare eyes of the animations of which he mentions He gave me some chills and a lot of emotion from what I was seeing. Oddie appears on the scene (it should be clarified that the only one drawn in a strange way was Garfield, the rest were drawn in the usual traditional way, which I call powerfully that Garfield is the only one with the eyes of another form) Well, Oddie entered the scene, but Garfield looks at him with much contempt as he passes by his side. Garfield goes to the refrigerator and finds the Lasagna that he had offered John. But he throws it away, he does not eat it. I was starting to scare you. Segmentally, Garfield is seen leaving the kitchen, sees Oddie at the table, and makes a malevolent smile, pushes him as usual, but Garfield says "The next one will be more painful." The image turns to black and changes to the scene in which Garfield is seen again sleeping, but this time it was night. Garfield goes to the kitchen, opens a drawer and pulls out a knife. But the phone rings. So Garfield hides behind a kitchen wall. I had never seen the other part of the kitchen in which Garfield is hiding, is more, never seen in the caricarura, there was nothing weird, there were only pictures in which Garfield was seen small and more family photos , And I think I remember that there was another picture in which it was a landscape of France in which the Eiffel Tower was and John was seen with a woman who was supposed to be his wife or girlfriend. To all this, John goes back to bed. I never knew why the phone rang, I thought it would be wrong. Then Garfield finally silently leaves the kitchen with the knife and goes back to bed realizing that John and Oddie are completely asleep. Instantly, Garfield goes to John's room very slowly, I was already very scared, my hands were perspiring because I was already imagining what was about to happen. Suddenly, Garfield checked on John's body with multiple stab wounds, blood flowing from him. Suddenly the scene is cut off. The screen goes black for about 15 seconds and shows part of the house destroyed and blood stained walls and Garfield on one side of the screen. In that ends the episode with the credits in which it is seen an image of garfield very deformed, without eyes and the sunken face and with a strange and disturbing music. At the end it appears the name of the creator that read: Created for Xin Hong.

From that day I did not want to know anything about Garfield, I had to burn the tape, and Garfield never saw it in the same way. But before I fill with the courage to digitize this episode on the PC and make a capture of the episode in the end where it is all destroyed. Soon I find out that the one who made this episode was a psychiatric patient who made grotesque drawings, which he was hired for Cartoon Network in making new episodes for Garfield, but it is seen that seeing what he did he was dismissed immediately and maybe The tape remained in the studios, and they unknowingly sent it to me. Right now I'm with psychologists, because I'll still be a faithful follower of Garfield anyway, and I will not let a madman want to ruin my childhood by making such a distorted version of this great cartoon.

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