Hello. I am Scout F Pilgrim, and I want to share with you a little known story about last week.

The Intro

One day I was walking around my block on our yearly yard sale day. I got a cool tablet for my PC and I was quite content with that for the walk home. When I was walking, i was interrupted by a game laying on the ground. It was inside a case with a clear front, and the disk said game.exe. I thought of the "you just lost the game" meme that floats around on the internet, but I wonder if this could be said game. I picked it up, and no one seemed to own it, so I pocketed the disk and carried on.

The Disk

I got on my PC and checked the tablet. It worked fine and everything was working in tip-top shape. I then un-connected the tablet and put in the disk. It brought up a normal prompt saying "What would you like to do with this disk?" There was "Install game.exe", and "open folder to view files". I selected the open folder option and there was 2 items on the window. One simply said "Game.exe" and the other one said "DATA". I'm curious by nature, so I dug around in the DATA folder for a bit. I shouldn't have looked.

The Folder

There was 20 items on the screen. Most were pictures of happy things (rainbows, kittens, clouds, etc.) and I thought "This might be some little kid's game." I went down and saw another folder. It said "EXTRAS" and I wondered "Hmm, extras. might be good." So I opened up the folder. Rows and rows of horrific pictures flooded my screen, and the thought of a little kid's game was quickly erased from my mind. I decided to leave the folder and put the two items on my screen. game.exe's icon changed into a smiley face, and I was hesitant to start the game. I grabbed a water bottle and I took a deep breath and started the game.

The Game Itself

Its title screen looked like it was rushed to be made. The title of the game was "Smiley's Adventure" but it was written in times new roman, so it in fact was rushed. (Much like this story, amirite guise?) There was 3 options: Start, Settings, and Exit. I checked Settings and it had only 4 options. Sound, Music, Brightness, and Fullscreen. I left it windowed, as I didn't want to see anything pop out in a OMG fashion. I started the game. It was a rather simple game, with the only thing on the screen was a green floor, a sky blue background, and a neutral yellow smiley face in the middle. He ran at an amazingly fast speed, so fast you can hardly play without hitting a wall. Nothing looked horrifying, and everything seemed normal. When I was finished and ready to exit, i saw a black rectangle appear right next to the smiley. I was curous, and went into it. This level I went wasn't nice.

The "Level"

In short, it was Hell. Lava in the background, people being tortured on the celing, it looked like something out of Doom. When I started running, a ominous darkness started to creep up behind my character. I tried to out run it, but it was going faster than him. When it caught him, i heard gory squish-squashing sounds, kind of like organs being stepped on. The brightness slowly came to a quarter of its normal setting, and i could barely make out the little smiley's ripped up body. Its eye was still on a piece of flesh, and suddenly, it opened. It then zoomed in on it crying blood and made a "yelp" sound effect. I immediately thought of Luna Game, which was the basis of this part, i guess. After it was done, i was sent out into the desktop. Scared and with water from my water bottle poured all over me, i got up and ripped out the disk from the slot, and tossed it out of my apartment window. I heard a rather satisfying crack sound come from far away. I knew it was the horrid game's disk, and i was happy with that. I kept the case and the .exe and its data folder was erased long ago.

I can only imagine what sadistic fuck made this game.

The Aftermath

Scout F. Pilgrim was tramautized, and had counseling for a year. He's doing fine now, but still a little shooken up. He says he usually sees the smiley face, but with a twisted devilish smile on its face out of the corner of his eye. When he focuses on it, it vanishes.

He later died of shock.

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