Grand Theft Auto IV cover

The cover for the game. Uh oh! You might be the unfortunate owner of it...

Once there was a guy who loved to play Grand Theft Auto 4. He always loved to kill people in the game, and it was his favorite thing to do. One time, the guy had just finished a large attack on the humans of Liberty City, when he heard police sirens coming down his street. This was highly unusual, because the man lived on a quiet back street with friendly neighbors. Just then, the man noticed that he had six stars floating above his head. He also spoke in a Russian accent, and he looked like the main character from GTA 4. He also saw that he was not living in his house on the back street, but in a grimy apartment in the middle of a city! The police came and broke down his door. They shot him.


Written by Joe Smith

Early Tuesday morning, There was a disturbance at 67 First Street in Anytown. The door was found broken down, and a hatchet was found near the door. The flatscreen TV in the man's living room was broken, and blood stained the carpet in front of it. The only evidence found in this case besides the hatchet was a game of Grand Theft Auto 4 still found in the man's XBOX 360. After analyzing the game, the man's character had a 6-star wanted level. Another strange Thing about this game was a dead character found in the game. It does not match any character models in the game. The investigation is pending.

One thing that the news report did not say was that the man looked exactly like the dead man.

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