on Christmas one day i opened all of my presents but then I saw one more under the tree it said from Santa: to Austen I opened it it was gta 5 except it was gta 5 death edition i said to myself well that's odd why does it say death edition? Oh well i'm just gonna go play it I put in my xbox 360 and it started loading the prologue was extremely different instead of it being Micheal, Trevor, and two other guys it was instead with Frankln and Micheal trying to kill their wives I then said to myself well that was really dark after the prologue ended and instead of the game making me do the franklin and Lamar Mission I got to go straight to playing in the open world while I was playing In the open world I saw my name written in blood on the ground now I was really freaked out but I just continued playing the game I stole a car and started running over people and then I instantly got a 6 star wanted level and then a bunch of police showed up but all the police looked like my dad the police started shooting me with rocket launchers then I died and it said game over for some reason and it was written in blood in then the screen said look behind you I did but nothing was there when I turned around the screen said I tricked you didn't I Austen it then showed a picture of my dad and I I then respawned and everything was burning and exploding and children were falling out of the sky and blood was splattering everywhere and right beside me in the game was my body my head was cut off and it was beside my body and my body was covered in blood and my stomach was cut open and then I screamed and took the disk out of my xbox 360 and burned it