The other night I had a very vivid and morbid dream, I suffer from nightmares and it runs in the family but this dream despite being in video game animation was too real for me to believe.

It started off where I was walking down a street in America and the world seemed different. I noticed that this dream was in the GTA world. I began to start shitting myself *not literally lol* but seriously, I felt nervous as you know how violent the GTA world is.

So far everything seemed okay until I saw a family getting out of a car. Now okay you may be thinking, 'how the hell is this scary.'

Well hold your horses as this part will scare the shit out of you all as it scared me real bad having being a very big family man.

I saw a gun man run over to this family and shoot them all then he stole their car. The blood of this innocent family was very realistic and not animated.

He then drove down the street and ran several innocent civilians over except it was much different to the silly San Andreas animation.

He then jumped out of the car which exploded as it crashed into a pet store where you could hear the terrified critters, I began to cry by this point as I am a strong animal lover.

He then set lots of people on fire and they looked real as they laid on the ground burning and screaming.

I then awoke in a cold sweat, I decided to switch on my TV to see on the news the most shocking thing ever!

A madman from America had been on a rampage in a quiet town in America and had killed many innocent people which included a family. It was reported that this man had stolen their Land Rover and drove it into a shop which exploded. He then went and shot dead loads of innocent people without any remorse.

I was gobsmacked but though that it was just one big coincidence until they showed a picture of the loonatic....

I could not believe what I was seeing, It was the man in my dream but only real! There he was staring back at me on the tv screen with cold eyes. The newsreader then said that he had not been found and was last seen heading towards the next small town...

My town!

I suddenly heard a thud on my door, I walked downstairs terrified and then I answered the door!

There he was, the scary man standing there with his stained jeans, orange daps, blood red baseball cap, Skull T Shirt and leather jacket. He looked at me in the eye and then shot me in the head.

I am writing this trapped between worlds and I am sorry to say this but they still have not caught him!

Beware now, Could this madman be in you neighbourhood?!

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