NOTE: This story takes place after SML Movie: Bowser Junior's and Jeffy's Revenge.

After having to survive that horrible SuperMarioLogan video and having to sleep, I waked up to watch TV, I chosed to watch Cartoon Network because it had the best shows, The series airing at that time was Tom and Jerry, I watched the show until it finished, then, it showed that Gumball was next so I started recording with my VCR, however, the intro was very different.

Before the intro showed up, the Bryanston Pictures and BND logo appeared, scaring me. The intro showed many cartoon cats such as Felix, Meowth, Gumball, Tom, Jibanyan, Slyvester, Garfield and Doraemon, but the logo showed the cats and instead of saying "The Amazing World of Gumball" it said "The Incredible World of Cats", at first I thought was just an simple crossover episode, but then something weird happened.

The intro played again, but the intro was slowed down and the images were in an low quality that looked like it was recorded in an VHS tape from either the 70's or 80's, but at the end, Meowth and the other ones were seing pulling their middle finger with an anger look (except for Meowth) and the logo said "Fuck You, Knockoffs!!", so I thought it was a another episode insulting knockoffs after The Copycats, then the intro played again, but it was low pitched and included disturbing scenes such as Penny sucking Gumball's penis or Meowth killing Pikachu and Impmon using and baseball bat (the latter scene contains some blood) and then the logo appears, which are the cats looking angrily at their knockoffs, but the later intro looked like it belonged in an early 2000's TV, then, the worst intro came, it was the same as the last one, but with more gore, it was slowed down and it contained subliminal images such as one with Ash and Serena having sex, then the logo came, it also said: "Fuck You, Knockoffs!!", but the image was the characters grabbing their knockoff counterparts decapitated head with an angered look, such as Tom grabbing Katnip's head (Katnip is an character from an Tom and Jerry knockoff called "Herman and Katnip"), Gumball grabbing Miao Le Xing's head (Miao Le Xing is the protagonist of the infamous Chinese animated cartoon for kids, Miracle Star), and Meowth holding Impmon's head.

After four intros, we finally get to see the episode, the episode starts with Gumball's awkward look with his giant eyes from The Storm, the image is there for five minutes, then something happens, the TV starts to lose the signal but it is actually part of the episode, then an moment from the Pokemon episode "Meowth's Scrafty Tactics" plays, right at the moment where Meowth points at something and yells "Scrafty! Watch out, look at that!!", but instead of saying the line, it sounded like someone that sounded like the Angry Video Game Nerd (or even him) was screaming "NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!", then, an unusual gory scene played where Tom was murdering Katnip with an rifle and with an knife, then the screen becomes static for 15 seconds, then, I got scared, the same scary Bowser Junior face from that cursed SML Movie showed up alongside scary crib baby music, then an pretty disturbing video shows up were Logan (the owner of SuperMarioLogan) starts murdering the owner of an SML knockoff channel called "CoolSuperMarioBros", the owner of CSMB was actually being murdered, then Logan deletes the account of CSMB and he burns all the stufed animals and puppets CSMB had.

Then, Doraemon is seen murdering a look-a-like of himself that has never been seen before, Doraemon used one of his parts to kill that look-alike, then, the screen was filled with blood, the screen becamed static for 45 seconds until the commercial break came on, then before the last commercial, I called my friend so he could see CN, but instead what he saw was just an normal Gumball episode, so I continued watchin'.

I noticed it had been 30 minutes since the episode first started, so it was pretty awkward, so I continued watching.

The next part showed Meowth murdering Pikachu and Impmon by inserting knifes in their bodies and using the same baseball bat he used in the intro, Pikachu was crying and screaming in pain while Impmon dropped several F-bombs to Meowth, ater nearly 2 mintues, Meowth finally kills them.

The other parts (except the final one) will not be explained because it would make this long as hell.

The final part shows Gumball and The Bomb Guy (an character from the episode "The Lesson") brutally murdering Miao Le Xing, the death was more graphic than every Manhunt 2 death combined, it showed graphic things such as Bomb Guy cutting Miao Le Xing's tongue (it reminded me of Corpse Party), Gumball brutally taking Miao Le Xing's kidneys, both guys cutting Miao Le Xing's penis off, then I saw that the rating of this episode was TV-Y, which was strange, it should have been TV-MA, after a lot of torture, Miao Le Xing is finally dead, then the cats and Bomb Guy looked at the screen with an strange look in their face.

Then an message appeared, it was about not to copy, or else you would have been asesinated, and finally, the credits roll.

I puked so hard I almost died and I had to go to the hospital, never watch this episode, I still have the VHS, but try to survive this video!!!