It has been at least 20 years since my internship at Cartoon Network. I had forgotten about Foster's Home for Imginary Friends, which was the show I was working on when I was there.

But, the reason I didn't work there anymore was because the series ended back, way back, like sometime 2009. Everyone had left because there was no more to animate, the series was over. That's what everyone thought. Then, one night, I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole, and saw, clearly nobody was there. Couldit have been a prank? That's what I thought until I opened the door, and there, on the floor was a box wrapped in brown paper.

The instant I picked it up I realized what it was... a VHS tape. On it in an untidy scrawl was the letters "FoR yOu!". For me? Naturally, like anyone, I opened it inside. I was right,on my first guess. It was a VHS tape... it was old and rugged. There were blood-red words on the tape that read: "FoStEr'S HOmE FoR IMaGinArY FriEnDS SeaSOn FinAlE!" in an untidy scrawl. 

I didn't want to watch it, but something compelled me, like a mysterious force....

I poppped it in the VCR.

Static. Popping noises. Foster's Home intro.

Then it showed the title card for the episode, which is called "Mac's End."

The episode began with the camera on the door. A 'ding-dong' can be heard an Mac ran to the door. "I'll get it!" he said. Guess who was there... the delivery man! "I have a package for a Bloo? Is anyone you know named Bloo?" The delivery man said. 

Suddenly, Bloo came running in.

"That's me!" Bloo said as he ran in. 

He took the package from the delivery man and ran into the hall.

"I'll need you to sign here and here." the delivery man said to Mac.

Mac quickly signed and ran to Bloo.

"Bloo? What is in that package?" Mac asked curiously.

"Just wait!" Bloo replied eagerly.

He opened it and on the inside was a.... chainsaw?

Why a chainsaw? I wondered. I kept on watching. 

"Bloo, why did you order a chainsaw?" Mac asked.

"Just wait.... you'll see!" Bloo said in a suspicious tone. 

He wore an expression that I didn't like.

Then, a title card popped up reading '4 hours later' and shows Mac lying down in bed, sleeping. Bloo creeps in with his chainsaw in his hand and walks toward Mac's bed.

"Sweet dreams, Mac!" Bloo whispers ashe pulls on a hockey mask.

He then turns the chainsaw on, and the sound wakes Mac up. 

"BLOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Mac screams.

Bloo doesn't reply. Instead he rips through Mac's throat with the chainsaw. Bloo gets splattered with Mac's blood and starts laughing ver manicanilly. He continues to saw through the bone in Mac's throat before plunging the chainsaw in his stomach.

Blood and entrails splatter all over Bloo as he starts to cut Mac. The screen cuts to static and the episode says "THE END!" in bloody words.

I screamed and ran to the bathroom to puke.

The Aftermath

I can't believe someone would make a tape like this... it's horrible! I destroyed the tape, and of course, no one believes me about the incedent.

It's real.

And don't watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

No matter how silly or cute it looks.