This is something you would never attempt in the future.

I was at to Walmart and I found a used up DVD from the ground while I was looking for DVDs. Somebody told me that the DVD would haunt me for the rest of my life. It had a bloody handwriting called Foo.avi. "That's weird. Harvey Beaks barely debuted on Nick today." I said. I took it home and played the DVD. It showed a menu that said Play All, and one that is had random gibberish text on the bottom, which just showed Foo. It starts with a orange imp character named Foo who looked very depressed. "I'm so lonely" He says. "My sister died, all my friends hate me, it's too much". He wanders and finds a pile of blood from his murdered sister in his front yard of a huge tree. Now here is the creepy part. It started go something like this "This is so humiliating, I feel so traumatized instead. Nobody likes me anymore..." He says. But his hands formed a killing gesture, and with a demonic voice, saying "I WILL TEACH THEM A LESSON......".

Then he looked at the screen at it looked like he was looking at me. It was pretty weird, but things get worse and disturbing.

His teeth goes sharp, and his eyes turn black and red, with drips of blood. He goes to a woody town and starts to get very crazy, yet disturbing as as well "Me hungry. Me eat people...", he says in a psychotic voice. First of all, he impales a blue duck with his hands and ripped his heart out and started to eat it all filled with blood.

"Sleep tight.." He says.

I almost fell out of my seat. Then he goes to a friendly monster named Goo, and Foo said "Why hello friend... Come play with me...." With his evil gestures, he ripped the monster's leg and starts to eat the skin one by one "You don't deserve to live...". I was about to hurt myself with a game controller until this disturbing scene occurred. He goes to eat the poor little children one by one, each time screeching a roar-like sound. He ate them until there was nothing left.

Then he busts into a house with a little girl sleeping sweetly, but Foo went up to her with a butcher knife.

"You will pay..." He demonically says, and then he literally eats her. "Me like blood and corpses" He says. The parents were sobbing on what happened to that situation. Foo was so crazy he was like worse than that Oscar monster or something WORSE! That was it! I turned off the TV and threw it to the bushes outside. I called 911 about the tape, but there was no signal. So I just torched the tape until it was gone. Then I saw something on the window. I saw an orange hand on the window that was writing something on the window. It said, "NATHAN..." then a small text that said, "YOU...WILL..DIE". I just went to my room and tried to look at the computer trying to forget all about it. Remember, don't buy them or else this will happen to you, I swear to God it will. So be aware right now.

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