Photo of the Kirby version of 4ever during the scene with Steve's father

You all know the famous Fox television show Kirby 4ever, right? It's very prominent with the teenage population in the United States. Well, not many people remember the episode that was accidentally aired (It was just a random tape that one of the staff members made).

It was in October of the year 1996, right when the show was getting very popular. Being 15 at the time, I was an avid fan of Kirby 4ever. I just loved the offensiveness and the crude animation, but I don't like watching it anymore... It seems that everytime I watch it, the episode and the horrible nightmares comeback. I don't like recalling it.

I remember that the episode aired at an awkward time. I was watching The Simpsons and then after that, Kirby 4ever was on. It was an episode I have never seen because the episode on my DVR showed up as "Episode 0" I was confused by the name, but I just thought that my DVR had made a mistake. Sometimes they did that.

I decided to watch the episode, thinking that it was a re-run because the new episode was supposed to air 6 days from then. It couldn't have been a new episode.

It started with the normal intro, then it cut to the schoolyard where most episodes first take place. It showed a crowd of people circling around something, I was also very confused because the animation was not that great. It was almost like Kirby and Flaze Travels the World short that the creator had made years before.

Then the camera panned to what they were circling around, it was Flaze... It looked as if he was being bullied, but not like normal bullying. I couldn't tell because the audio was cutting up and getting all choppy, but then the audio cleared up almost instantaneously. The other children, being non recognizable because they were just stock children. The only notable characters that were there were 4ever and Kirby.

Flaze was being thrashed and thrown around and the other children were chanting, "Kill that idiot!"

The more he was getting thrown around, the more you could see that his face was being damaged. It was extremely detailed, almost scaringly detailed. It then cut to 4ever and Kirby, they were moving in real time and then it cut to a still image of them. Almost like somebody paused the video, but the sound was still going. You could hear Flaze's screams of agony and distress whille the still frame photo was being shown.

The still image of 4ever and Kirby was of them just standing there along with everybody else who weren't taking part in the torture of Flaze. The expressions on there faces were terrifying: Kirby had a demonic look in his eyes, (The images were very low quality, like something you would get out of an old VCR tape). 4ever had a very hardened look in her eyes, almost like she was going to sob.

As the seconds passed by, the sound was oddly cut off, absolutely silent. Then after 30 seconds, the sound cut to Flaze screaming over and over again. There was no crowd noise, just screaming.

As the screams progressed, they got even more high pitched and terror filled, then it cut to the video again. I was obviously disturbed at this point, but I was more confused than disturbed. Why would they air this? It was like an episode that wasn't finished or something.

The video was of everybody kicking Flaze out of the playground, one of them saying, "That'll teach that idiot." It then shows Flaze running in his house.

He then runs up to his room and starts sobbing, profusely. He then starts talking to his toys. He asks them, "Why? Why would they do this to me? What did I ever do to them?" His toy car tells him to get them back, to make them feel the pain that he went through.

He then says yes to his toy car in a very monotone voice, almost as if a robot just spoke. He then says that they call him fat and tell him hes nothing but a idiot, so I'll make them feel his misery.

He then says to himself that his first victim will be Steve. He then goes to Steve's house and tells him to come over to his house because he got the new game system. Steve then agrees to go to his house.

The camera then cuts to Flaze's basement. Steve then asks where the game system is, looking confused. It then cuts to a first person perspective of Flaze behind Steve. It shows Flaze's hands with a crowbar in them. He then smacks Steve on the back of the head with the weapon.

It cuts to Steve waking up, tied with his hands and feet bound. Flaze then says "You all bullied me, so I will now bully you". It then shows Flaze smashing Steve in the face with a fire extinguisher. Again the detail on the damage being done to Steve's face is immense. The audio then cuts out again, but for only 5 seconds. It then turns back on, but to a scream that doesn't sound like its coming out of Steve. It was a very loud, ear piercing scream. It had the tone of a grown mans voice. The scene then cuts to a photo of Steve's house with a caption that reads:

"Seconds later..."

I am very terrified by this point, I was going to turn off and try to forget about it, but I had to keep watching.

It then shows 4ever and Kirby at Steve' front door. They then knock on the door, Steve's Father opens the door and they ask where Steve is, and he says that he is staying the night over at Flaze's house. They then go to Flaze's house.

The scene cuts to Flaze in the corner of his basement sobbing. The audio cuts to a faint wind noise, then it cuts to a very loud sequence. It sounded as if somebody was playing someones speech backwards, or as if somebody was speaking in different languages.

The video then cuts to a still frame of Flaze sitting there with an expressionless face, with the audio cutting to him speaking in a whimpering voice. It was very faint, but then faded to a higher volume. It consisted of Flaze saying, "I-I killed him!"

The sound cuts to Flaze saying in the same voice, "God, God, God, God. I'm going to be with God soon." Then the sound cuts off completely. The still frame lasts for about 7 seconds, then it cuts back to a scene where 4ever and Kirby walk down to the basement then see Steve's dead body. They scream in terror, then they say, "Oh my god, Flaze! What have you done to him!"

Flaze than says, "G-God made me do it!"

They freeze in shock. Flaze then runs to the top of the stairs and shuts the door and locks it. They then scream, "Let us out!"

Flaze then says, "God is telling me to kill you three, you will reveal the fact that I got my revenge."

They then scream in horror. They yell something, but it wasn't audible. Flaze walks to his kitchen cabinet, the screams still being audible. He grabs Lighter fluid and matches. He spreads lighter fluid around and throws the match then quickly runs out of his house.

The camera cuts to a firetruck in front of Flaze's house. The fire gets put out quick, then police go and inspect the scene. It cut to them digging through rubbish. Then they dig up Kirby's body. The entire body was intact except for his face. His face looked as if a picture of a real person's burnt face was Photoshoped onto his face. The look of it was horrifying, it basically looked like a black skeleton face.

It then cuts to Flaze crying in an alley. He then pulls out a knife and cuts it into his abdomen area. He pulls out the realistic looking red that flows out of the wound. He whispers to himself, "I-I am no longer red, I am now blue," He then starts laughing like a mad man. The camera zooms out. He screams into the camera with a demonic look on his face, "I AM WITH GOD NOW!" He screams.

It cuts to the normal credits then to the normal programming at that time. I was very distraught after what I just saw. Not wanting other people to see what I just witnessed, I quickly deleted it off my DVR. The staff member that made the episode was never found or discovered.

I tried to forget about the episode, but the nightmares started coming to me. I was so bent out of shape because of the episode that my mother checked me into a hospital for metally ill people. Four years later I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. I now reside with my mother. She always looks after me to make sure that I am alright. I constantly think of that episode, I never stop thinking about it.

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