Ever since the Dead Bart incident, it was theorized that Matt Groening had COMPLETELY recovered from what made him act so strangely and suspicious during the first season of the Simpsons. That was when it was found out that Matt was secretly making another episode of the Simpsons that wouldn’t air. Of course, when the employees found out they became frightened, at that point, a good portion of interns quit working on The Simpsons. On December 28th, 1999 at midnight an intern that was a part of creating the Simpsons episodes snuck into Matt’s office, and recovered a strange tape left on his desk. The tape looked as if it was burned and had a white label on it. The words “Flander’s Revenge” was messily scrawled on it in sharpie.

The intern knew he’d get caught and picked up the tape, and left. The next morning, when he returned to Fox studios, Matt greeted him on the way in. Matt had a cold, angry look on his face. “What did you do with my tape?” asked Matt in an angry voice. The intern knew that Matt knew it was him who stole the tape, and ran away from Matt, holding the tape. “HEY! GIVE ME THAT TAPE!” screamed Matt. “YOU'RE FIRED! DO YOU HEAR ME?” shouted Matt as the intern got in his truck and drove away. When the intern got home, he set up his old VCR player and popped the tape in to see what it was. It started off with the normal Simpsons intro, but it was played backwards. Since the Simpsons never had any title card, he wondered what episode it was.The animation was very choppy. The episode started off with the Simpsons on their couch watching some movie on TV. The camera cuts to Homer’s face, where it can clearly be seen that Homer has no eyes. Homer then said something, but it was played backwards.

The camera cuts to static for three minutes and fifty-two seconds. The then camera cuts to a different seen. This time, Bart is seen outside with his slingshot aimed at Flanders in the window of his house. Bart fires, and the rock hits Flanders in the side of the head. He then falls over and out of his window, hitting the lawn. A pool of blood quickly forms under Flander’s head. Rod and Tod run out to find their father, passed out. “Daddy…” cries Ron and they both run in to tell their mother. Homer appears behind Bart and says: “Nice shot, son!” and pats him on the back. The ambulance arrives and Flanders is seen in a gurney, as he is wheeled in the ambulance. The screams and cries of Rod and Tod can be heard as Homer starts to evilly laugh as he pats Bart on the back.

“Dad?” Bart asks “Wasn’t it kind of bad to hurt Mr. Flanders?” Bart says in a concerned voice. Homer gets a disappointed look on his face. Homer says “Well who cares about Flanders? and walks inside, leaving Bart concerned about Flanders. Bart decides to talk Homer out of hating Flanders, but Homer refused several times. Marge tells Homer that Bart has a point, and he should stop hating Flanders. The camera cuts to an ambulance pulling up in the front of Flander’s home. Rod, Tod, and Maude walk out and greet the paramedics. The back doors to the ambulance open and Flanders is wheeled out, this time, on a wheel chair. Flanders had a cast on his left leg. Marge then walks out and says “Hello, Ned, feeling better? Homer has something to say.”

Homer then appears with a angry face. “N-Ned,” Homer starts “I’m s-o-s-sor-sorry.” Homer’s blushes and steps back. “Well Homer, I accept your apology.” Flanders says in a relieved tone. Suddenly, Bart appears holding his slingshot in his left hand, and holding a rock in his right hand. “I was the one who hurt you with THIS slingshot! Homer didn’t do anything! I should be the one who apologizes.” Bart says in a sorrow tone. The camera cuts to static for four minutes and thirty-two seconds. The camera cuts to Flanders sitting in a dim room. Screaming could be heard in the background. Flanders looks out the window. In the yard on the opposite side of his, Bart could be seen playing happily with Lisa.

“Sweet dreams, Bart.” Flanders mumbles to himself as he loads a gun. He aims it through the window at Bart. Flanders laughs under his breath as he pulls the trigger. The bullet hits Bart in the side of the head as he falls over. Blood is seen trickling down Bart’s head, into a large pool of blood. Hearing the loud gunshot from outside, Homer and Marge rush outside and sees Bart. Homer looks back at Flanders through the window. “FLANDERS!!!” Homer screams. “I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!” shouts Homer. The camera cuts to Homer stabbing Flanders repeatedly with a bloodied butcher’s knife. The camera cuts to static and then cuts to the credits rolling. Much like Dead Bart, they all seemed to be silent and hand-written. The final image depicts Homer holding Bart’s lifeless body in his arms, while crying. In the background Flander’s dead body could be seen with several stab wounds.

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