I love Felix The Cat. I always have. I had always watched the cartoons when I was little. But a memory of one certain cartoon is stuck in my mind. I don't want to believe it's real but I know it is. I can't deny it.

I remember most of it like I just saw it yesterday. It started when I was viewing the cartoons on a VHS tape of many Felix cartoons. After seeing a cartoon called "April Maze", one more came on.

It started with Felix dancing around in a field. He dashed through a field of daisies, laughing the whole time. This is where the cartoon took a turn for the worst.

As Felix laughed, he suddenly stopped when he spotted a dark figure walking towards him in the distance. It looked like a grim reaper, but wasn't. Felix shivered at the sight of the figure. The figure stopped in front of Felix, then pulled him by his tail.

Felix tried to fight back, but this mysterious figure just ignored him. Suddenly, a large, spiraling portal appeared, and I remembered it being very bright. The figure walked in, while Felix tried to get away. But it was no use. Felix was pulled in. The screen was black for a few seconds, then Felix appeared.

He was in a weird area, and he tried to run away. After he started running, a strange, large creature appeared.

It ended with Felix screaming. And I was terrified. It gave me nightmares for about a week. I was ready to tell someone about this experience but people wouldn't believe me. I know they wouldn't. The tape with the evil cartoon was destroyed when my family moved.

I want to tell my family about the cartoon but they won't believe me. I know they won't. They will think I'm crazy. This is stressing me out.

I need to rest.

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