I was searching through channel 4 when it said that a new father ted episode would be on this afternoon.Being a father ted fan I decided to watch it. I wish I didn't.It showed father ted but the theme was low pitched.It was more different because father jack was more angry, Mrs Doyle was more depressed,father dougal was more anxious and nervous and father ted was very angry.It then cut to father ted saying how much he hates his life.He called dougal telling him he had a suprise for him. Dougal excited went upstairs and ted put a blind fold over hos eyes then he pulled out a gun and shot him and he died instantly.ted cried as he shot himself.Mrs Doyle went upstairs and saw what happended she screamed loudly.It then cut to her at their funeral.The credits were normal and I turned off the TV and I hoped never to see that episode again.

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